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Sogang University Graduate School of Media was established in September 1999 with the university’s interest towards education and research in media area. Graduate School of Media provides MFA, MA, MS and PhD degree programs in three majors: Film & Media Arts, Cultural Contents and Media Technology & Art Technology. Sogang University Graduate School of Media is equipped with advanced facilities and equipments that are necessary for nurturing sophisticated professionals. At media center, there are digital radio and television studio, multimedia hall, off-line editorial room, recording room, film production room, focus room, reference room and so on.

Film & Media Arts major
Film & Media Arts major aims for various academic research and progressive creative work in areas of directing, scenario, acting, digital culture contents, filming, documentary and so on. Degree program offered in Film & Media Arts major are MFA and PhD. MFA degree program aims to nurture professionals with leading characters in areas of directing, scenario, acting, filming and documentary also intends open education in all forms of media presentation. PhD degree program aims to nurture sophisticated professionals with academic and artistic supremacy by emphasizing theory and practical field in areas of directing, scenario, acting and documentary. Students who are in PhD degree program will receive education to develop their research and lecture skills also be trained to demonstrate their practical ability based on the in-depth theory. Therefore for thesis, the relation between production and theory are greatly emphasized. Currently graduates with Film & Media Arts major are positioned in various areas including university professor, film director, movie director, broadcasting station PD, scenario writer, actor/actress, media artist, film company, public relations company and so on.

Culture Contents major
Culture Contents major is an integrated major which Film & Media Arts major and Media Technology & Art Technology major are systematically connected. This major aims to nurture professionals who can plan and produce experimental and innovative contents based on the understanding of media technology and talents who can study about the culture and arts phenomenon focusing on media theory and digital humanities along with the advancement in technology. Culture Contents major is a integrated major where all the full-time faculties at Graduate School of Media participate and provides MFA, MA and PhD degree programs. MFA degree program aims to train traditional contents production, planning method and digital technology at the same time produce experimental and innovative contents. MA degree program aims to nurture talents who can plan initiative contents by studying culture and arts phenomenon along with the advancement of media technology. Students who are in this course can grow as academic researcher and professional planner by focusing on not just theory but greater practical understanding on production and distribution of full-cycle on contents industry. PhD degree program aims to educate professional academic talents with integrated thinking. The course put emphasis on the students to necessarily gain understanding on media technology and study about the culture and arts on the basis of this. Focusing on philosophy of technology and media theory, study about the advanced research trends including media archeology, digital humanities, software research and platform research then analyze and study about the culture and arts phenomenon. Currently graduates with Culture Contents major are positioned in various areas including contents planning and marketing, storytelling, media graphic design, 3D animation, new media exhibition and performance and so on.

Media Technology & Art Technology major
This major is composed of media technology track and art technology track which provides education suitable for each major track with different system of required courses. Media Technology track is a field of specialization that aims to nurture highly educated human resources who will lead the culture image contents industry or image digital media industry, which is one of the motive industry for national development in the 21st century. On the basis of areas that study in electronic engineering or computer engineering including computer graphics, computer vision, image analysis and augmented reality technology, the major is specialized in media production studies. Currently media technology track is divided into computer graphics and HCI, computer vision and augmented reality areas. Each area focuses on scientific theory to support production of new media contents and actualize software development. Also carry out study on extensive fields from fundamental source of scientific technology to production and application technology.
Art Technology track aims to enhance artistic creativity by developing technological thinking and ability that satisfies new media environment of the 21st century. During the age of digital media, we expect to see skillful artists and designers in art and science technology. Art Technology track aims to develop mutual interaction abilities of understanding artistic and technological values that are suitable for fast-changing modern environment. In order to do this Art Technology track supports the students to study basic engineering technology in computer, electronics and mechanics to expand their creation of work. The study area covers various engineering technology including programming language such as C/C++, sensing and computer interface technology, computer vision, computer graphics, evolution algorithm and so on. The best features of Art Technology program is that based on the artistic knowledge, supports the students to possibly design more creative and modernistic media art work. Students who major in this study can practice not only media art work creation but also positioned in various areas of advanced engineering and contents planning/production including mobile communication, robot, smart phone, game and exhibition.


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Hwang, In-sung Visual and Cultural Theory
Jung, Moon-Ryul Computer Graphics and Art Technology
Kim, Hak-Soon Film Production(Directing, Producing, Screen Play)
Lee, Sang Wook Vision and Image processing
Oh, Junho Artistic Research, Media Theory, Media Archaeology, Media Arts, Moving Image, Cultural Contents
Seo, Yongduek Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Pattern Recognition
Unger, Michael Anthony Film Production
Won, Yong-jin Broadcasting, Cultural Research