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Telephone +82 2 705 8753


Since its establishment in 1997, Sogang GSIS has earned a preeminent reputation for its high academic standards, distinguished faculty members, and a superb array of multidisciplinary programs. Our small class size allows students to actively engage in academic interactions with professors and creates a family-like atmosphere, well shown in our students’ high rating of satisfaction with their experiences at Sogang.

Sogang GSIS offers not only the highest percentage of students scholarships, but also extensive student exchange programs, unique international student support system, and active overseas internship programs. Our students go on to become experts in International Relations, International Trade, International Finance, or East Asian Studies. Our faculty members are graduates of prestigious universities in USA and Europe with extensive teaching experiences. All courses are offered in English.

Sogang GSIS offers professional master's degree program in four specialty areas. Professional master's degree programs offer the Master of International studies (MIS) degree, and are interdisciplinary in their curricular design. Sogang GSIS also offers Ph.D. programs on four specialty areas.

International Relations (including National Intelligence & Security Track)
The International Relations Program is designed to answer a demand for a new kind of professional who has a thorough knowledge of academia as well as an understanding of the current global environment. The breadth and depth of knowledge offered in the two-year masters and doctoral program is useful to students with aspirations to pursue a professional career in the international arena or to those who plan to combine a specific disciplinary major with a career in the international relations.

International Trade
The main objective of the International Trade Program is to train motivated students to be competent and sophisticated professionals by incorporating substantial approach focused on a specialized theoretical framework, including international business, international negotiations, and policy analysis of international trade, with a more practical one designed to bring in more experienced professors and experts in the related field with an aim to broaden students’ analytical perspectives on various issues.

International Finance
The International Finance Program is designed to give students the tools, knowledge and insight needed in a dynamic financial marketplace. Our quantitatively-oriented program will equip students with the capacity to employ contemporary theories and financial skills in the context of modern corporate decision-making to better understand and manage foreign investment projects and policies. An in-depth study into related topics in the field of international finance, including investments, derivatives, accounting and financial institutions, will allow students to familiarize themselves with the use of required analytical skills, computer-based tools, linear relationships, regression analysis, optimization techniques, and many more.

Korea and East Asia
The East Asian Studies Program offers interdisciplinary courses on economic, political, international, and socio-cultural aspects of East Asia (in particular, Korea, China, and Japan), which incorporate both historic and contemporary issues. While many courses focus on a specific country, some courses deal with region-wide issues. The goal of this program is to train area specialists on the East Asia region. Students may concentrate on one of the three countries in the region, although specializing in more than one country is a feasible option.


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
Ahn, Se Young International Trade
Cho, Yoon Je International Finance
Farago, Niv Politics and International Studies NIVUSHI@YAHOO.COM
Heo, Yoon International Trade
Kim, Do Seong International Finance
Kim, Hyun-Dong Finance
Kim, Jae Chun International Relations
Kim, Si Joong Korea and East Asia
Lee, Kyu Young International Relations