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Location Dasan Hall #526
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“Over 470 years of Catholic Jesuit education tradition with outstanding faculty, as the cradle for believers that seek for academic excellence and serve justice”

Sogang University Graduate School of Theology is an Jesuit educational institution established in December 15, 1994. In accordance with the objectives to facilitate the study and teaching of theology, philosophy and social welfare as well as the theologies and practices required by the Church and society its goal is to nurture professionals with leadership and creativity.

Through a curriculum designed for systemic and scientific professional education, Graduate School of Theology nurtures responsible followers to lead the society, professional monks who can prove the testimony of the gospel in the world and train priests who can be respectful from the scene of faith. Also let the roots of Korean spiritual culture and Christianity culture and religion to incorporate naturally.

Graduate School of Theology offers master’s degree program, combined program of master’s and doctoral degree, doctoral degree program and research program. The detailed degree programs are like the following.

Department of Theology
Department of Theology nurtures dedicated people who can lead Christian Community and Korean spiritual culture by offering academic and pastoral programs based on Catholic tradition and experience. To achieve this goal, we offer diverse courses that are necessary for the students to study theology with systematic and scientific approach. The courses are professional education for followers and pastors, training for ascetics and reeducation for priests.
Degree program offered in theology are master’s degree program, combined program of master’s and doctoral degree and doctoral degree program. Each program includes Bible theology, church theology, ethical theology, spiritual theology and environmental(ecological) theology and so on.

Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy offers philosophy courses which are necessary to nurture philosophical experts who can serve the community and cultivate Catholic priests.
The curriculum aims for students to develop to think philosophically and acknowledge based on human beings, the world and Christianity in order for the students to discover and realize the proper meaning and values of life and living.

Department of Social Welfare
Department of Social Welfare offers theories, knowledge and techniques to support systematic and professional service for individuals, family groups and local communities who are struggling with difficulties that occur in our diverse daily lives.
Social work practice model that the department aims to see is the generalist social work practice based on ecosystem. It is presupposed with the paradigm that people cannot be existed if they are separated from the environment. The department plan to educate social functions by promoting the desirable goodness of fit between people and social environment.
Also, the department aims to understand the problems that are generated from institutional operation of various social affairs, learn the theory of social welfare practical techniques and execution of policy and train students to be social workers who can apply this knowledge in the field of social welfare.

Department of Catholic Social Welfare
Department of Catholic Social Welfare(Caritas) has a role of connecting the practice and academic of Catholic Social Welfare by providing academical and practical programs based on Catholic tradition and world view.
This department plan to educate social functions by promoting the desirable goodness of fit between people and social environment. At the same time, educate students to become professionals who can serve the community with integrated interdisciplinary knowledge of humanities and social sciences by connecting Catholic world view with social welfare.
Degree programs offered in Catholic Social Welfare are master’s degree program and doctoral degree program.


Faculty table
Name Areas of Specialization E-mail
CHO Hyun-chul, S.J. Systematic Theology(Ecotheology)
KANG Sun-kyung Social Welfare Practice
KIM Yong-hae, S.J. Social Philosophy
KIM YOUNG HOON theology(spirituality)
KIM Jin-wook Social Welfare Research Methods and Social Services
LEE Kyou-song, S.J. Systematic Theology
MOON Jin-young Social Welfare Policy
SIM Jong-hyeok, S.J. Spiritual Theology
SONG Bong-mo, S.J. Biblical Studies (New Testament)
WOO Jae-myung, S.J. Moral Theology