President's Biography


  • Jong Gou Park President of Sogang University
    Jong Gou Park
    President of Sogang University

  • S.T.D. in Faculty of Dogmatic Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University, Italy (1996)
  • S.T.L. in Faculty of Theology, Institut Libre de Philosophie et Theologie, France (1992)
  • S.T.B. in Faculty of Theology, Institut Libre de Philosophie et Theologie, France (1990)
  • B.S. in Electronic Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea (1979)

Professional Activity

  • 2017.2 - Present
  • President, Sogang University
  • 2012.9 - 2015.2
  • Director, Center for Liberal Arts Education, Sogang University
  • 2004.8 - 2006.7
  • Vice President for Campus Ministry Affairs, Sogang University
  • 2002.10 - 2005.4
  • Director, Institute for Theology, Sogang University
  • 1997.9 - Present
  • Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Sogang University
  • Publications

    • ▪ Thesis
    • J. Park(1999). Le Milieu Divin (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin). Pastoral, 248.
    • J. Park(2000). The Meaning of Motherhood/Feminity of God: An Interpretation Based on The I-Ching. Theology and Philosophy, 2.
    • J. Park(2001). Understanding the Concept of Temple in Mark 14, 58. Theological Perspectives, 133
    • J. Park(2002). On the second Creation of the 6th Day: Question of the Human Existence and Accusation of the Violence (Gn 1,26-30).
                               Theological Perspectives, 139.
    • J. Park(2005). The Blessing of Elohim: Limitation of the Violence and its Universal Law of the Prohibition. Theological Perspectives, 148.
    • J. Park(2010). A Hermeneutical Reflection on the Possibility of the Confucian Theology – Rediscovery of The True Meaning of the Lord
                             of Heaven (Tien Chu Shihi, 天主實義). Theology and Philosophy, 17.
    • ▪ Books
    • J. Park, Why Me? (With Bible, 2003)
    • J. Park, O Man, Where are You? An Anthropological Reading of Gn 1-11. (Sogang University Press, 2007)
    • J. Park, Passion and Conversion. (Institute for Ignatian Spirituality, 2008)
    • J. Park, God of Compassion, Riddle of Men. (Institute for Ignatian Spirituality, 2010)
    • J. Park, Studies of the Historical Formation of the Christian Doctrines. (Sogang University Press, 2012)
    • J. Park, David, Face of Janus – Accomplishment of Human Desire and Failure of the Human Existence. (Sogang University Press, 2015)