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Title Sogang University selected as ‘Industry-University Cooperation Model Development Demonstration University’
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Sogang University selected as ‘Industry-University Cooperation Model Development Demonstration University’



Sogang University was selected as the ‘Industry-University Cooperation Model Development Demonstration University’. With this, after developing leading model for about 9 months (May 2016~February 2017), share operational knowhow, trial and error experiences to the universities in Korea, also expected to propose administrative, financial supporting method and systematic improvement plans will be presented to the Ministry of Education.


The project goal of Sogang University is ‘Operation of human resources cultivation program based on Silicon Valley and international organization and support with propulsion of Korean corporations to enter into the United States’, and by expanding Sogang Silicon Valley Innovation Center and CEWIT Research Center of State University of New York Stoney Brook campus, plan to propel global industry-university cooperation mediate center demonstration project in United States based on the cutting edge technology. Some of the main contents and expected effects are listed below.


(Western America) With Sogang Silicon Valley Innovation Center being the center, develop industry-university cooperation activities such as medium corporations to enter into the United States, find industry-university cooperation demand corporations and internship, capstone design and so on.

(Eastern America) By utilizing networks of eastern America(Silicon Alley) including 64 campuses of State University of New York and CEWIT Research Center within State University of New York, expand operation of medium corporations to enter into the United States and technology cooperation programs.

(Build PULL method of industry-university cooperation leading model based on demand corporations) Based on demand fields of corporation, the corporation directly select the talents or the team and build industry-university cooperation model that can lead task solution and internship.


Expected effect

- Through bench-marking of advanced cases, develop Korea’s global industry-university cooperation leading model

- Through support towards each university’s family corporations on All-Set skills(K-Tech Silicon Valley) for entering into the United States in each fields, enhance national competitiveness


On the other hand, Ministry of Education, National Research Foundation of Korea, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology announced to promote ‘Industry-University Cooperation Model Development Demonstration Project’ as the action plan of ‘5 years of Industry-University Cooperation Activation Plan’. With this, for the demonstration project, Ministry of Education enforced public contest project targeting LINC project universities (87 universities) that are based on industry-university cooperation. Among 68 universities that were registered, 9 universities including Sogang University were finally selected as the demonstration university, which suggested large scaled enterprising project with the possibility to spread and be sustained. The 9 demonstration universities will each receive support of 0.5 billion won up to 2 billion won and Sogang University will receive 2 billion won.