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Title Graduate School of Information Technology newly established FinTech major
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Graduate School of Information Technology newly established FinTech major



Graduate School of Information Technology (Dean Park Seok) newly established FinTech major. This newly established major is expected to begin in Fall 2016 and since Spring 2016, the core courses including Introduction to FinTech, Block Chain Technology and Digital Currency and so on have been previously established and operated.


FinTech major, which is being newly established at Sogang University, is a high quality curriculum to nurture FinTech professionals who are needed at the actual industry, and its goal is to nurture FinTech professional talents who can connect innovative global financial services into development and start-up based on ICT and financial knowledge. The curriculum included practical courses or case study courses as mandatory courses so it is expected to be designed as a curriculum that teaches not only theory but also teaches practical education. Later on, the school plan to develop in the form to operate industry-university cooperation assignments and provide opportunity to work as industry-university intern or industry-university researcher to the students. Also, in order to include various fields and fast developing status of the industry that are necessary to secure professionalism of FinTech in the educational program, plan to design detailed curriculum that actively utilizes external personnels such as external FinTech field lawers and special invitation lectures by CEO of FinTech Start up and so on.


Detailed information, graduate school admissions information regarding FinTech major in Graduate School of Information Technology at Sogang University can be found by following the link below.




* What is FinTech and FinTech industry?


FinTech is a combined word of financial and technology, which indicates ‘financial/ICT integrated’ industry including mobile payment and wire transfer, personal financial management, crowd funding and so on. Through direct transaction of finance platform, by connecting finance producer and finance consumer, the FinTech industry, which aims for low cost, high profit, globalization, recently with the development of ICT technology, is rapidly growing by offering various services that has not been offered in the existing financial world.


For vitalization of FinTech industry, not just the effort from government and industrial circles are needed but also it is necessary to nurture FinTech professionals who play key role in academic circles in the current situation. In actuality, from the United States and the United Kingdom where the FinTech industry is rapidly growing, also stimulates new service creation with strong technical skills on the basis of close connection between educational institution. However, there has been limitations on FinTech curriculum that were established in Korea. The existing curriculum mostly focuses on specific technical fields such as information security, data science, IoT and so on, therefore, it is somewhat lacking in FinTech professional manpower cultivation, which is the specialization of finance and integration of ICT. Therefore, FinTech professionals should have not only the skills on professionalism but also are required to have financial knowledge, globalization capability, start up capability. So the FinTech major that is suitable for these features will be newly established at Graduate School of Information Technology at Sogang University.



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