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Title Ethical Safety guideline application, Sogang Navigator was released
Writer sogpr Date 2016-05-03 Views 1559


Ethical Safety guideline application, Sogang Navigator was released





Ethical Safety guideline application for Sogang community named ‘Sogang Navigator’ was released. ‘Sogang Navigator’, an application related to ethical∙safety which, was released for the first time within the universities in nation as the result of first tryout of Sogang University students to take the lead to solve safety and ethical problems that can be experienced within and outside the campus.


Start-up student club association ‘BLACKBOX(Team leader Hyun Jae-hoon, team member Do Ki-ho, Choi Seo-il, Park Kyung-rok, Kim Yong-hyun, Nam Sung-hyun, Park Ki-yong, Park Ki-deok, Kim Jin-kyu, Park Ha-ryeong)’ planned and developed the application and produced with the support from Department of Business Administration Macro Business Educational Center (Social Service Learning Program) and Office of Student Affiars from Sogang University.


‘Sogang Navigator’ by compiling materials related to ethics and safety that are spread out in each institutions on-campus, informs school regulations and coping method that are related to ethics such as learning ethics and sexual violence, coping method related to emergency situations that are related to safety problems and so on. Besides, this application informs methods to receive help from psychological crisis and school problems.


Hyun Jae-hoon, the team leader of BLACKBOX said, “Like the Saewol ferry incident, as the students’ safety problems were on the rise to be issued, nevertheless, it was sad to see that there was no medium to be arranged for the least amount of guideline for university students,” and added, “we made small beginning but our BLACKBOX members’ hope is to make this into nicer application by passing through the hands of contribution from our school and colleagues.


The application ‘Sogang Navigator’ can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.