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Title Sogang University received ‘excellent’ level from BRIDGE project group evaluation
Writer sogpr Date 2016-04-20 Views 949


Sogang University received ‘excellent’ level from BRIDGE project group evaluation



The annual results of Beyond Research and Innovation Development for Good Enterprises (also known as BRIDGE project) which Sogang University participate was announced by Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea (Chairman Jung Min-geun) on April 8. This evaluation is regarding the very first year within total project period of 3 years and Sogang University, by receiving ‘excellent’ level, will additionally receive 4.8% of project funds.


Through BRIDGE project, Sogang University have technology transferred 2 patents that are related to bio diagnostic kit to QDPLUS Co. and expects realization sales by supporting follow-up commercialization and appointing Department of Electronic Engineering professor Jung Ok-hyun as CEO. QDPLUS is a company specialized for designing image sensor and the company was established by joint investment with Pixelplus (Sogang University shares ratio of 20%).


One the other hand, within 20 BRIDGE project groups, total of 4 project groups (Sogang University, Hanyang University, Chonnam University, Yonsei University and so on) received “excellent” level. Ministry of Education, in respect of open collaboration within universities on sharing achievements and knowhow on BRIDGE project, announced that this annual evaluation process has been proceeded by opening to the non-participating universities. With this, about 270 university persons gained valuable opportunities to receive live knowhow on project success from each head of the project groups on both March 14 and 15.