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Title Sogang University, lighten up Pyeongchang Winter Olympics stadium
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Sogang University, lighten up Pyeongchang Winter Olympics stadium



Bluekite (CEO Jang Heung-soon), a cooperative firm with largest shareholder at Sogang University, has become the topic by winning a contract of 16 billion won from Gangwondo Development Corporation regarding the project for installation of light emitting diode (LED) facilities in 3 sports stadiums including ski-jump, cross country and biathlon for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.


Bluekite will be responsible for the supplement of lighting products for the construction of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and KMW (CEO Kim Deok-yong) will be responsible for installation and electric work. It is unusual that a new company like Bluekite is responsible for lighting system of the Olympics since worldwide electric light companies like Philips or General Electronics (GE) have been in charge of this.

Prior to this, Bluekite has received attention by installing LED lights at Busan Sajik Stadium. Bluekite, which is a LED light specialized company, is an industry-university cooperation company established in 2014 which is invested by KMW and Sebang Global Battery (CEO Park Gwang-hee, Lee Yong-jun) that are operated by Sogang University and Sogang alumni. So in the case of doing future IPO (Initial Public Offering), considerable investment profits are expected to occur.


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