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Title Alumni Jang Chul-ho donated 10 million won of supporting fund to North Korean Student Association
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Alumni Jang Chul-ho donated 10 million won of supporting fund

to North Korean Student Association




Alumni Jang Chul-ho (Department of Business Administration ‘83, CEO of Rodem Investment) donated 10 million won to North Korean Student Association. The donation ceremony was held at the president’s office of Sogang University on Monday, March 14.


10 million won which alumni Jang Chul-ho donated has a bit of special purpose. Unlike existing donated funds, which mainly supports tuition fee, the purpose of this donated fund is expected to be used as supporting fund towards ‘Woori Hana’, which is North Korean Student Association that the North Korean students at Sogang University actively participate. The tuition fee of North Korean student can be settled with ‘scholarships for North Korean refugees’, however, alumni Jang Chul-ho realized that the expenses for school activities and other student association activities were insufficient so made the decision to donate by being concerned about the necessary sections that are actually needed for the students.


Donation of 5 million won per semester for 2 semesters and total of 10 million won will be supported towards the association. At Sogang University student association ‘Woori Hana’, which has been operated since 2002, estimation of 70-80% of freshmen who entered as special selection sections are voluntarily being joined. This student association has regularly been opening academic gathering and participate in volunteer activity.


Department of Political Science professor Kim Young-soo, who is in charge of student association as academic advisor said, “North Korean students enter university without blood ties, regionalism and school relations. Through this student association activity those students can share information about university assignments and English studies also earn information on employment and share concerns to make living foundation and structure.” Also “this donation fee is expected to take role as the lubricant that makes the student association to operate,” and added, “For North Korean students, few thousands of won to be paid as activity fee can be burdensome for North Korean students, but the donation fee can be helpful to carry out academic seminars·sports games such as ping-pong table tennis, soccer, opening course·end course gathering and so on from ‘Woori Hana’.