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Title Sogang University selected as ‘Initiative for College of humanities’ Research and Education (CORE)
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Sogang University selected as ‘Initiative for College of humanities’ Research and Education (CORE)


Received 2.7 billion won for 3 years, total of 8.1 billion won



Sogang University was selected as the ‘Initiative for COllege of humanities' Research and Education’ (also known as CORE project), which was announced on the 17th by Ministry of Education (Minister Lee Jun-sik) and National Research Foundation of Korea (chairman of the board Jung Min-keun). With this, the university will receive 2.7 billion won for 3 years, which is total of 8.1 billion won. CORE project is a financial supporting project which supports university educational program in humanities field for the first time and its purpose is to protect humanities studies at the same time nurture convergence/integrated talents. Initially Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea have announced the selection plans to 20-25 established universities, however, limited the selection of 7 established universities in capital areas and 9 established universities in regional areas, which was revealed on the 18th.


Prior to supporting this project, Sogang University has been stressing out the performance of ‘humanities education’ which is the strengths of Jesuit education, at the same time with the strategic target of “Stem-Cell humanities education”, put up vision of “Entry into educational institution within 50th rank in 10 years”. With this evaluation, finally selected as the supporting university.


“Stem-Cell humanities education”, which is planned by Sogang University, means an educational program that nurtures talents with knowledge and field adaptability that are suitable for the demands of future society by intensifying general humanities educational training. Sogang University have already been reorganized the ‘Department of Humanities’ into ‘School of Humanities and International Cultures’. Starting this year, newly enforced detailed educational program is three types of model. ① Nurture international regional specialists(American cultural education, Chinese cultural education), ② Intensify fundamental humanities studies(Korean language and culture, English language and culture, History, Philosophy, Religious majors), ③ Convergence humanities studies that are newly being established as the university model itself (Student design convergence/integrated major, humanities contents integrated software major) and so on are the ones.


In order to carry out the core business execution organization, Honors Program has been newly established and supports incredible scholarship system that makes it possible to earn master’s degree in 3 years since the undergraduate and master’s program were expanded overall. Besides as humanities preliminary education(freshmen, sophomore), targeting overall students in school of humanities and international cultures, ‘Sogang 6th performance capability certification’ program and humanities reinforcement education program targeting entire students are included in project performance assignment.


Also the plan which is worthy to take notice is scholarship system. In separation from scholarship fee that helps with the existing tuition fee from junior year of undergraduate school to master’s degree course (for 3 years), as the Ministry of Education requests to provide ‘academic subsidy’, will enforce the advanced type of scholarship system for the first time in Korea. Sogang University plans to provide set amount of living expenses every month to scholarship students who are selected. Regarding scholarship student selection procedures and requirements, will hold ‘CORE project scholarship conference’ in April and will extensively publicize through homepage of Sogang International Institute for Regional and Cultural Studies which is the project execution organization.


Sogang University department of history professor Lim Sang-woo who is the integrator of CORE project said “through this project, initiative for COllege of humanities Research and Education, Sogang University School of Humanities and International Cultures and entire humanities preliminary education is expected to take firm possession that leads university humanities education in fundamental studies and practical studies.” Also, “Furthermore, will come up with decisive opportunity for humanities education to stand both in name and reality of Sogang University based on Jesuit ideals of education” and “overall professors affiliated to Undergraduate School of Humanities and International Studies have promised their determination with their humanities major students.”