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Title Announcement of winners for the 1st Sogang Academic Award
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Announcement of winners for the 1st Sogang Academic Award



From the 1st ‘Sogang Academic Award’ of Sogang University, 3 professors including professor Kang Jung-in (Political Diplomacy), professor Yoon Kyung-byung (Chemistry), professor Moon Jun-hyuck (Biotechnology) and so on were selected to receive the award. The award ceremony was held on Wednesday, February 24 at 3 p.m. at Grand Auditorium of Sogang University.


Sogang Academic Award selected the winners by dividing into S․T․A․R (Sogang Top Achiever in Research) section which is targeted for full-time professors and young S․T․A․R section targeted for associate professors and assistant professors. As this year’s final award winner in S.T.A.R section, professor Kang Jung-in (Political Diplomacy) and professor Yoon Kyung-byung (Chemistry) were selected and in young S.T.A.R section selected professor Moon Jun-hyuck (Biotechnology).


To Sogang Academic Award winners, for S.T.A.R section winners, total of 90 million won, young S.T.A.R section total of 60 million won of special research fund and reduction of mandatory lecture hours (special sabbatical year) and so on will be granted along with non-funded incentives.


President Yoo Ki-pung said, “Those who were selected as Sogang Academic Award winners are the researchers who can accomplish excellent achievements by doing research that can lead to make changes of the future in schools and nation, furthermore contribute greatly towards the development of human society.” And added, “By offering innovative deals such as granting various incentives for 3 years, provided an environment to focus on research more.”


<Details of award winners>


1. S.T.A.R section winner in Humanities and Social Sciences field :

▲ Kang Jung-in (Professor)

▲ Affiliation: Department of Social Sciences Political Diplomacy

▲ Representative achievement - 『Western-centrism and Contemporary Korean Political Thought(Lexington, 2015)


Professor Kang Jung-in has been leading de-Eurocentrism research of Korean academic field in general by consistently seeking study exploration that applies de-Eurocentrism methodology in political ideas after year 2004, developed and applied inventive research method of individuals, announced excellent research results in Korean as well as in English.


Also professor Kang received research fund contract every year with average of 260 million won from National Research Foundation of Korea and so on. Also by being recognized for these research achievements, selected as outstanding scholar in year 2009~2014, received academic award from Korean Political Association in year 2012 and received outstanding researcher of Ministry of Education in year 2015.


2. S.T.A.R winner in Science and Engineering section

▲ Yoon Kyung-byung (Professor)

▲ Affiliation : Department of Natural Sciences Chemistry major

▲ Representative achievement - 『CO2 capture from humid flue gases and humid atmosphere using a microporous coppersilicate(Science, 2015)


Professor Yoon Kyung-byung is a researcher who is leading artificial light composite research areas. For the first time in the world, he developed zeolite type of solid matter CO2 absorbent named SGU-29, where CO2 absorption is undiminished and decomposed due to the moisture inside the waste gas and atmosphere.


Professor Yoon is head of the Korean Center for Artificial Photosynthesis at Sogang University and with the ‘World’s high efficient carbon dioxide collections’, which was developed from the same center, has been evaluated to open up a way to absorb CO2 at low cost as it being not interrupted by the waste gas and atmosphere and received ‘2015 Science Technology Creativity Minister Prize’.


3. Young S.T.A.R winner in Science and Engineering section


▲ Moon Jun-hyuck (Associate Professor)

▲ Affiliation : Department of Engineering Biochemistry major

▲ Representative achievement - 『Hierarchically Porous TiO(2) Electrodes Fabricated by Dual Templating Methods for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells(Advanced Materials, 2011)


Professor Moon Jun-hyuck developed ‘nano-structured electrode that was lined up from 3 dimensions’ for the first time in the world and received attention as the most outstanding researcher in energy research areas by applying dye-sensitized solar cell and so on.

Professor Moon has published 36 volumes of corresponding author thesis for the recent 5 years and total amount of Impact Factor reached 206.818. Especially shows outstanding research achievements in Nature publication group of Scientific Report by publishing total of 4 volumes of thesis.

Also for the recent 5 years, won a contract of external research fund of over 3.3 billion and 60 million won, registered 30 cases of patent in Korea and 4 cases of overseas patent, technology transfer and shows outstanding result in distributive research section as well.