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Title Sogang University held “Alumni Forum for Namyangju Campus Development (Tentative name: Global Integrated College)”
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Sogang University held “Alumni Forum for

Namyangju Campus Development (Tentative name: Global Integrated College)”




‘Alumni Forum for Sogang Global Integrated College’ was held on Monday, December 21, 2015 at 6 p.m. at The Plaza Hotel in Seoul.


This event was held with the title, “Namyangju project meeting for the second established academy” and about 140 guests were present on the day of the event including Sogang University corporate body chairman Kim Jung-taek, president Yoo Ki-pung, vice president Lee Jang-kyu, KMW CEO Kim Deok-yong, Mario Outlet CEO Hong Sung-yeol, Smilegate Holdings CEO Kwon Hyuk-bin and so on. From this event, along with 10 billion won from Kim Ho-yeon, CEO of Binggrae, total of 30.5 billion won of contribution agreement was signed for donation.


Announcer Son Jung-eun, Sogang University alumna, presided the forum which was held as the type of talk show by president Yoo Ki-pung and Namyangju Campus assistant chairman Lee Jang-kyu. Before beginning the talk show, through a video clip by the President of Korea and Electronic Engineering 70 alumna Park Geun-hye said, ‘I expect that the effort and passion of Sogang to make changes can give hopes to many young people.’


Sogang University president Yoo Ki-pung began his words from the talk show by saying, “Sogang University is facing moments of important choices and decision-making,” and explained the reason for organizing this event, “Among many social organizations, university is an organization that is slow at changes, yet we have started Namyangju project in order to find the surviving strategy.” Also president Yoo Ki-pung said, “Namyangju Campus will demolish the interdisciplinary boundaries and become an open type of university that can create new value by integrating students, professors and business sites,” and explained by expressing his aspirations, “Through integrated education which is hard to find from existing universities, will solve some troubles the university is facing such as severance between the departments, advantages of university and industries and so on.”


Vice president Lee Jang-gyu (Namyangju Campus assistant chairman) emphasized the fact that Namyangju Campus is second established academy so it is not efficient to be described as a branch or second campus and expressed the confidence by saying, “At the time when Sogang University was established, the university was suggested with the philosophy of Leading University, once again we will suggest revolutionary change and new model to university education in Korea.”


Along with the directions of Namyangju Campus that is being newly developed, explanation about the future plans of existing Sinchon Campus continued as well. President Yoo Ki-pung explained that Namyangju Campus will be focusing on integrated education, industry-university cooperation, practical education, research park, on the other hand, Sinchon Campus will be specialized by focusing on the traditional learning which was originally a signboard of Sogang University. Also added, “Do not force any professors or students to be sent to Namyangju, especially freshmen students must attend Sinchon Campus and will come up with a system to go to Namyangju at one’s desire afterwards.”


Vice president Lee Jang-kyu said, “From Namyangju Campus, unlike existing Sinchon Campus, will not be using the word ‘Department’ and will replace this to be flexible to opened and close the unconstrained programs or platform concepts.” Also emphasized that the most important thing is industry-university cooperation model and directly confirmed the cultural contents platform propulsion which is scheduled to be proceeded through Kwon Hyuk-bin, CEO of Smilegate (Electronic Engineering alumnus), who was present at the event.


Jung Hyun-sik, dean at Office of Planning (deputy director of establishment planning team), proceeded to announce the present business conditions of Namyangju Campus and explained that with the decision to remove a ban on development of green belt areas from Central Urban Planning Committee of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on December 2014, genuinely propelled the business. Namyangju Campus is expected to be opened on March 2020 and said, “From Sinchon to Namyangju Campus it will take about 40 minutes by car, from Gangnam will take about 20 minutes, by taking subway using Gyeongui Jungang Line from Sogang Univ. Station to Yangjung Station of Namyangju will take about 50 minutes.”


Meanwhile, at the event, our alumni signed about 30.5 billion won of contribution agreement towards Namyangju Project Fund. Alumnus Kim Baek (Political Science 75), who was present on the day of alumni forum said, “I am looking forward to see Namyangju Campus preparing to take off for the new changes of Sogang University,” and added, “This was the event to see the bond of sympathy and enthusiasm of our alumni regarding establishment of Namyangju Global Integrated College.”