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Title Professor Moon Jun-hyuck developed new type of carbon material
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Professor Moon Jun-hyuck developed new type of carbon material

- Opened up possibility of utilizing next generation energy storage device as electrode -



Sogang University Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor Moon Jun-hyuck developed carbon material compositing technology with 3 dimensional network structure through lithography technology which are used in semiconductor process. This research result has been published in online edition of ‘Scientific Reports’, which is a worldwide academic journal published by the nature publication group on December 18. (Corresponding Author: Professor Moon Jun-hyuck, Lead Author: Kang Da-young in doctoral program)


Professor Moon Jun-hyuck manufactured high molecule pattern through lithography by utilizing laser and manufactured 3 dimensional carbon pattern material with the method to carbonize in high temperature. Manufacturing carbon material with high-temperature carbonization of high molecule is a well-known method, however, there were some difficulties in maintaining the patterns due to high surface energy of micropattern in the case of applying carbonization of micropattern. Professor Moon Jun-hyuck team aimed to lower the surface energy of pattern when the micropattern do not come into contract with the atmosphere so produced micropattern strongly and through this, manufactured carbon material with 3 dimensional pattern that is well-maintained. Also, applied 3 dimensional carbon materials as super capacitor electrode and confirmed the possibility to materialize the outstanding electric capacity in contrast to carbon materials that is similar to existing CNT.


Professor Moon Jun-hyuck said, “It was mainly manufactured with the chemical method that are applied in the energy storage device, however this research is meaningful in that it used the process for manufacturing semiconductor. This type of technology for example, let us manufacture energy storage devices like lithium energy by using deliberate semiconductor process so that it is expected to be utilized when manufacturing subminiature and ultra-thin wearable devices.”


On the other hand, this research was proceeded with the support from development of future technology project of Samsung Electronics and Professor Moon Jun-hyuck’s team member includes Sogang University Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor Moon Jun-hyuck(corresponding author), Kang Da-young(lead author, doctoral program), Kim Chul-ho(doctoral program), Park Kyu-rim(master’s program).


The thesis can be found from the URL below.


[Left: Mimetic diagram of 3D carbon pattern, Right: Picture of electron microscope]