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Title Sogang University-Small & Medium Business Corporation signed ‘Small & Medium Internship Program Business Agreement’
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Sogang University-Small & Medium Business Corporation signed

‘Small & Medium Internship Program Business Agreement’




Sogang University and Small & Medium Business Corporation (also known as SBC, Lim Chae-un as the chairman of the board) signed ‘Agreement on propulsion of Small & Medium Internship Program’ on Monday, December 14.


The agreement ceremony was held in administration building of Sogang University and president Yoo Ki-pung and chairman of SBC Lim Chae-un, along with dean at Graduate School of Business Kim Joo-young, student Jang Sun-young (Business Administration major), director of Macro Management Education Center Jo Bong-soon, headquarter director of Small & Medium Business Corporation Sim Hyun-seok and so on participated at the ceremony. Both institutions have agreed to practice mutual cooperation in order for the university students to have the opportunity to experience field study in small and medium-sized business to improve on their work capacity and nurture outstanding talents.


‘Sogang University – Small & Medium Business Corporation Internship Program’ has been discussed since August this year and currently 14 small and medium business corporations including 3 overseas companies and about 50 students from Sogang Business School (Undergraduate Program) have participated. Also from January next year for 4 weeks, will proceed a program as a type of intercession course.


This internship program will be proceeded by being divided into domestic and overseas sections (Japan, Singapore), which is operated for the students to go to the field areas of small and medium business corporations, then either work or receive specific assignments as a form to solve them.


Small & Medium Business Corporations participating for this internship are in various business areas from production to services including outdoor clothes manufacturer, planning and publication of books, mobile beauty application operation, broadcasting program production, domain management, marketing analysis program operation and etc. As the students participate for this program, it is expected that they can experience and receive practical help from various areas.


Lim Chae-un, chairman of Small & Medium Business Corporation said, “This program has been implemented in order to enhance the recognition improvement of small and medium business corporation and students’ ability of field work” and “plan to actively expand it to Seoul and regional areas once received good achievements from the survey of small and medium business corporations and students.”



*Participating Corporations:

- Overseas section: AugustNine(Kim Dong-soo), BLS Korea(Lee Tae-hyun), Geosan Japan(Lee Soon-bae)

- Domestic section: SinTS(Shin Keum-sik), Midas Books(Yoo Jong-yeol), Multiple Intelligence Institute Co., Ltd(Kim Beon-soo), Ricle(Jeon Ji-hoon), Ann Media(Kang Dong-gil), Doosan Yanghaeng(Jeon Soo-yong), Built-on(Min Byeong-oh), I’m good(Lim Hyeon-soon), Withus Company(Lee Gyeong-goo), Seohong REF(Choi Sang-seok), Whois(Lee Cheong-jong)