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Title Value investing student club SRS win second place from ‘CFA IRC’ of Korea
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Value investing student club SRS win second place from ‘CFA IRC’ of Korea



Sogang University value investing student club SRS members (Han Kyu-min(Business Administration ’10), Han Dae-in(Business Administration ’10), Kim Yong-sung(Philosophy ’11), Kim Dong-hwi(Economics ’11), Cho Ah-hye(Business Administration ’14)) won second place from ‘CFA IRC (Institute Research Challenge)’ of Korea.


CFA IRC is a global analysis conference targeting graduate school and MBA students which is organized by CFA Institute and this year it is their 9th year to hold this conference. Since the past 2 years, 58 countries, 825 universities 3,700 students participated which can be seen as the world scale sized conference. Also CFA Korean Association participated since the conference in year ’08-09. The conference will be held in the order of Local Competition – Regional competition (Asia Pacific) – Global Final.

On the other hand, value investing student club SRS has been showing continuous achievements by winning prizes from the past year ’13-14 conference and by taking second place in year ’14-15 has proved their outstanding skills.


The fellow students who received the award said, “I am satisfied that we have shown good results to represent our university, luckily we have been receiving the award every year and I appreciate towards my fellow friends of the student club SRS who were greatly helpful to me. I hope for the increase of interest towards research and financial industry of our fellows. Also from the next conference, we will raise up the skills of our student club to win the grand award.”