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Title Sogang University selected as software-focused university
Writer sogpr Date 2016-01-06 Views 1377


Sogang University selected as software-focused university

- Plan to receive up to 11 billion won for 6 years and plant creative software DNA to students -



Sogang University was selected as software-focused university (also known as SW) from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and will receive up to 11 billion won for 6 years.


SW focused university, is a project supported by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning that reflects the needs of industry sites and renovate university SW education in order to raise competence of the cooperation and students. Total of 40 universities submitted for this project and showed fierce competition. Sogang University was acknowledged for its achievements on effort to nurture SW integrated talents and its excellence for the future plans by carrying out Seoul Accord Activation Project and establishment of Art & Technology major and integrated SW interdisciplinary major, which resulted splendid achievement to be selected for this supporting project.


Through this national support, Sogang University plans to construct the best practice environment to plant creative SW DNA for all students. By expanding the laboratories for SW education, let SW education be mandatory for non-major students, by using virtualization technology provide 1 virtual PC to all students and rent terminal equipment that makes possible to practice individual programming.


Also for SW majors, establish ‘IT Technical Presentation and Writing in English’ course and enhance documentation and communication skills. Also through ‘Sogang Silicon Valley Innovation Center’, which was opened in April, plan to actively support for global internship, educational exchange, student business start-up and so on.


Especially from year 2018, plan to establish ‘SW specialist admission’ to give admission to SW specialists, develop UEX(User Edited Contents) type of online lecture materials by selecting necessary parts from SW related lectures and create a new contents and so on to contribute towards expanding open type of SW education.


Department of Computer Engineering professor Seo Jung-yeon who is in charge of SW focused university project said, “Sogang University has been initiatively carrying out experimental structure reformation to nurture software specialized talents. With this opportunity of being selected as SW focused university, we will support the students greatly for them to become software integrated talents.”