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Title Sogang AD team received grand prize from the 36th ‘Cheil Idea Festival’
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Sogang AD team received grand prize from the 36th ‘Cheil Idea Festival’





Sogang University advertising student club called Sogang AD team (Lee Woong-jae (Mass Communications ‘10), Yoon Yeo-hoon (Mass Communications ‘10), Cho Yong-chan (Mass Communications/Psychology ‘11), Son Han-kyu (Mass Communications ‘12) student team) received grand prize from the award ceremony of 36th ‘Cheil Idea Festival’ on August 13, 2015 at the head office of Jaeil Worldwide Inc. in Hannam-dong, Seoul.


As this Idea Festival is suitable for its status of being the best idea contest in nation, over 9,000 students participated in 6 sections including digital, planning, innovation and etc. Total of 2,503 proposals were submitted so this was an intense competition. Through 3 rounds of evaluation, Sogang AD team was included in total of 46 final proposals and received an honorable grand prize.


Especially one thing to note is that recently over the past few years, Sogang University has been noticeably taking active role in this contest. From this contest in year 2012, Sogang University M.A.R.T team (Park Jong-bum (Business Administration ‘06), Kwon Soo-hye (French Culture/Business Administration ‘08), Park Won-ji (Political Science/Business Administration ‘09), Park Da-mi (Business Administration ‘10) student team) received a grand prize, in year 2013, student Choi Won-suk (Mass Communications ‘09) received a special prize and in year 2015, Sogang AD team received a grand prize so it is much more meaningful.


Sogang AD team submitted their proposal in planning section with the topic called ‘There are no concerns for Shopping Dictionary of Gmarket’. By focusing on the fact that the one’s in their 20s~30s are out choice generations, who are taking the lead in mobile shopping market and hesitant to make decisions, so they put someone else to be in charge of making choices. With this, Sogang AD team suggested the concept of ‘shopping joy and sorrow’ that helps with making choices through other people’s opinions on item selections either recommended or not recommended. Therefore from the shopping process, consumers who are having trouble making choices from variety of selections can refer to other people’s suggestions to let shopping be more convenient and enjoyable, which is recommendation of an IMC strategy.


Proposal of Sogang AD team won grand prize and received unanimous evaluation from the evaluation committee members along with its evaluation as the proposal that solved the concerns on shopping for those who are in their 20s~30s following the trends of mobile. Especially the team received outstanding reviews on the concept and action plan for sharing concerns and adding joy.


Student Lee Woong-jae shared his feelings for winning the award, “For 3 months, we have put great effort and as the result I am happy that we received the grand prize. To become an outstanding advertiser, I will work hard to have better thoughts and ideas.” Also student Cho Yong-chan shared his thankful words, “There were some hard times that we faced for doing something on our own, but by working together with like-minded friends, we were able to become successful. I would like to give thankful words to Sogang AD team.”


On the other hand, for the grand prize winners of 36th ‘Jaeil Idea Festival’ will receive scholarship of 5 million won and opportunity of summer internship. For those students who were selected from the separate evaluation within the grand prize and first prize winners, will have the opportunity to attend International Advertising Festivals such as Spikes Asia Advertising Festival this September, Cannes Lions International of Creativity next year and so on.