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Title 34 Sogang Students Pass 2020 Teacher Employment Exam
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34 Sogang Students Pass 2020 Teacher Employment Exam

Fulfilling Their Dreams of Becoming Teachers



Thirty-four Sogang students passed the 2020 middle and high school teacher employment exam. (The accurate number of the students who passed the exam may be higher as we are currently counting the number) From this March, 17 undergraduates who completed the teacher training course and 17 graduates of the Graduate School of Education will commence their career as a teacher.


The number of Sogang students who passed the exam this year was the highest in the last three years, at 34 compared to 31 in 2018 and 23 in 2019.


Although Sogang University does not have a separate education college, it has continued to foster teachers through a teacher training course and the Graduate School of Education. In this regard, the achievements of Sogang students are even more valuable as they work diligently and follow their passion for the teaching profession.


The Graduate School of Education was established in 1990 and now has eight majors: Korean Language Education, English Education, History Education, Mathematics Education, Physical Education, Lifelong Education, Educational Technology and Administration, and Counseling Psychology. Student satisfaction is rising thanks to continuous "graduates’ teaching demonstration" events, led by graduates who are now teaching, and "pedagogy special lectures," led by renowned specialists invited to the school. Based on these efforts, though the school’s history is relatively short, 155 students have passed the exam over the last decade.


In addition to the Graduate School of Education, the undergraduate school also has a teacher training course. Students majoring in Humanities, American Culture, European Languages and Cultures, Chinese Culture, Natural Sciences, Psychology, and Computer Science and Engineering can apply for the teacher training course in their 3rd or 4th semester. Competition is very high, as many students who dream of a career in teaching apply in mid-November every year.


Jeon Seo Yeon (History Education, Graduate School of Education, '17), who passed the teacher employment exam this year, said, "When I thought about entering the Graduate School of Education, the most important criteria was 'the most helpful school for the teacher employment exam,' and that was Sogang University." She explained the reasons why. "First, Professor Kim Min Jung, who majored in history 'education' was at the school; second, students at Sogang graduate school passed the exam every year; and finally, all lectures were made by professors rather than external lecturers. Thanks to these factors, I was highly satisfied with the school and I highly recommend Sogang Graduate School of Education to anyone who wants to become a teacher."

As advice to her juniors who dream of becoming a teacher, Jeon emphasized the importance of an attitude for actively finding relevant information, as well as a firm will for one’s dreams.


Strategies to pass the teacher employment exam and information on the teacher training course at the undergraduate school will be posted in Sogang Gazette Volume 41, an online journal that will be issued in March.