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Title The 14th LINSU Scholarship Student Selected for 2020
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The 14th LINSU Scholarship Student Selected for 2020



Lee Seung Hye, a doctoral student at Sogang Business School (advisor prof. Kim Yang Min), was selected as a recipient for the 14th LINSU Scholarship in February and received the scholarship funds and certificate.


The LINSU Scholarship Committee, which was designated to commemorate the academic enthusiasm of Kim Linsu, who was a professor at the Business School of Korea University, who passed away in 2003, leaving a great achievement in the academia, has granted KRW 6 million in scholarships to master’s and doctoral students who have written excellent theses or implemented studies in technological innovation, organization learning, and knowledge-based business administration. For the 14th scholarship selection, from last December to this January, the selection was announced to major academies in Korea and a selection committee for the LINSU scholarship recipient was formed with the best professors in relevant areas to evaluate applicants with the standards of major suitability, potential in research, and research performance.


Lee Seung Hye was recognized for the excellence of her three papers published in journals from 2018 to 2019. In June 2018, her paper "The Effects of Attainment Discrepancy on R&D Investments: The Moderating Roles of Slack Resources and CEO Characteristics” was published in Yonsei Business Review. In this paper, she analyzed the impact on R&D investment when corporate performance is below the expected level.


In August 2019, her paper “Attainment Discrepancy and Strategic Change: The Moderating Effects of CEO Temporal Focus” was published in the Journal of Strategic Management. In the same month, through her paper “Media Coverage and Investor Valuation in the Market for Initial Public Offerings: The Moderating Roles of Venture Capital and Foreign Investors,” published in the Korean Academy of Management, she investigated the impact of the volume of news coverage from the media on investors’ assessments immediately after IPO in the Korean IPO market.