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Title The 23rd Proud Sogang Alumnus Awards of 2019
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The 23rd Proud Sogang Alumnus Awards of 2019



▲ (from left) Emeritus Professor Cha Ha Soon, from the Dept. of History Department,

Chungrim Publishing Co. Ltd. CEO Koh Yeong Su, Plantynet Co. Ltd CEO Kim Tae Joo



Sogang University Alumni Association (Chairman Kim Kwang Ho) selected three people for the ‘23rd Proud Sogang Alumnus Award’: Cha Ha Soon, an emeritus professor from the Department of History, Koh Yeong Su, CEO of Chungrim Publishing Co. Ltd., and Kim Tae Joo, CEO of Plantynet Co. Ltd. Sogang University Alumni Association stated that they contributed to the development of the Republic of Korea and Korean society, thereby honoring the school and the alumni association and also fostering their junior students. The awards ceremony was held during the New Years’ celebration ceremony of the Sogang Alumni Association on January 6, 2020 (Monday) at 6pm, at the Millennium Hilton Seoul Grand Ballroom.


Cha Ha Soon, an emeritus Professor from the Department of History at Sogang University, is a scholar who introduced the concept of 'equity' in Korea and laid the foundation for the study of Western history. From the opening of Sogang University in 1960 until his retirement in 1994, he graced the Sogang University podium and solidified the 'Sogang School' brand in history studies.


Ko Yeong Su, CEO of Chungrim Publishing Co., Ltd. (School Year of ‘69, Dept. of Life Science), led the Republic of Korea as a cultural powerhouse by working in the publishing field all his life. Recognized by readers through his publications of valuable books, he served as chairman of the Korean Publishers Association and has established himself as a representative publisher in the Korean publishing world. He also spared no expense in scholarship programs to help his juniors continue their studies.


Kim Tae Joo, CEO of Plantynet (School Year of ‘81, Dept. of Electronic Engineering), contributes to the creation of a healthy and safe information and communication environment based on a unique technology in the service area that blocks harmful Internet sites. By leading Korea into a state-of-the-art IT powerhouse, he has dedicated himself to sponsoring scholarship programs for juniors and fostering youth startups and venture companies.