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Title Prof. Jung Myung Hwa selected as 2019 “Basic Researcher of the Year”
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Prof. Jung Myung Hwa selected as 2019 “Basic Researcher of the Year”





Professor Jung Myung Hwa, from the Department of Physics, was selected as the 2019 Basic Researcher of the Year.


The Ministry of Science and ICT selects the Basic Researcher of the Year as someone who contributed to world-class achievements and raised public interest in basic research by supporting basic research projects. Ten researchers from the fields of 'Natural Science, Life Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy, Engineering, ICT and Convergence' were selected in 2019.


Professor Jung Myung Hwa discovered new magnetic interactions between magnetic multilayer thin films through the study 'Long-range Chiral Exchange Interaction in Synthetic Antiferromagnets' published in the journal Nature Materials, and announced the possibility of a new concept of memory storage devices that can overcome the limitations of the proposed nonvolatile magnetic memory device. Due to the rapid development of the information industry, the demand for a new information storage device capable of processing and storing large amounts of information is continuously increasing. As a result, the development of a new memory device capable of high-speed operation with nonvolatile memory, such as magnetic memory, has been garnering attention. Professor Jeong’s idea was based on this point.


The Ministry of Science and ICT will hold the awards ceremony and meetings for basic researchers in January 2020 to discuss the roles and improvements of the government and researchers to produce excellent results and develop basic research. Go Seo Gon, the Director of Basic Source Research Policy, said, “To provide a sound foundation of science and technology, basic research must serve as that foundation; thus, we will continue to expand support for basic research led by researchers.”