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Title Law School Students Awarded at the 11th Korea Moot Court Competition
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Law School Students Awarded at the 11th Korea Moot Court Competition



▲ (From left) 11th class of Sogang Law School Kim Ung Gyu, Song Ung Ji, Yu Hye Rin

     10th class of Sogang Law School Oh Hyun Joon, Jeong Jae Ho, Park Young Sang




At the 11th Korea Moot Court Competition, sponsored by the Supreme Court of Korea and co-sponsored by the Korean Bar Association, the Association of Korean Law Schools, and the Law Times, our law school students won four awards in the individual and team sectors as well as civil and criminal affairs sectors. The finals were held at the Seoul Central District Court Complex on January 3.


In this year's competition, 120 teams of 360 people from law schools nationwide took part. Twenty-four teams in the civil and criminal sectors entered the finals, and in the finals, six teams in each category (a total of 12 teams) competed. The 36 finalists will be exempted from the screening process when selecting research judges and will be given the benefit of taking the written test directly.


In the group finals for the comprehensive evaluation, our law school students won second place for the 'Equality Award', and Song Ung Ji received the 'Best Individual Award' (civil sector), given to the students who gave the best pleas regardless of the team's grade.


Meanwhile, the 11th class graduates team of Kim Ung Gyu, Song Woong Ji, and Yu Hye Rin won the 'Ga-in Prize' in the civil sector, and the 10th class graduates team of Oh Hyun Joon, Jung Jae Ho, and Park Young Sang in the criminal affairs sector won third place in the 'Legal Times President Award'.


Presiging Judge Yu Sang Jae of the Seoul High Court, who was in charge of the civil affairs jury, commented, "They had systematic writing and it was good that both the prosecutors and the defendants took different approaches without dwelling on existing precedents or conventional wisdoms." Cha Moon Ho, Presiding Judge of the Seoul High Court, who was in charge of the criminal affairs jury, said, "The skills of the participants who sought good answers clearly and logically even though the case was difficult were excellent."


Kim Moon Seok, Director of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, said, "The efforts made to solve a given problem, cooperation with colleagues, understanding of the process of arguing and demonstrating in court, learning from other classmates, and listening attitudes to other students will be the foundation for the growth of law school students“, revealing the significance of this contest.