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Title Sogang University and Handol Biotech Sign Technology Transfer Agreement
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Sogang University and Handol Biotech Sign Technology Transfer Agreement

                                     ▲ (From left) Oh Kyung Hwan, Director of Sogang University Research & Business Development Foundation;
                                    Kim Hyun Cheol, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Lee Pil Gyeong, CEO of Handol Biotech

Sogang University and Handol Biotech Co., Ltd. signed a technology transfer agreement on December 10 (Tue) at the main conference room of the Sogang University Research & Business Development Foundation. This is an agreement involving a total technology fee of KRW 2 billion to proceed with clinical stages with Handol Biotech for a patent case of a Drug Delivery System (DDS) technology, ‘nanoparticle complex for disease treatment and its manufacturing method', developed by Prof. Kim Hyun Cheol, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Sogang University.


No less important than new drug development is the delivery of the developed drugs to diseased areas. Since intracellular uptake efficiency is an important measure for achieving drug delivery efficacy in the field of drug delivery, techniques for improving intracellular uptake efficiency are being widely developed.


While a method of chemically binding cell-penetrating peptides to nanoparticles has been used in recent years, the stability is low and the bound material is easily decomposed. Professor Kim Hyun Cheol's DDS technology improves these problems, making it a drug delivery technology for disease treatment that improves intracellular uptake efficiency with lipid-based materials with high stability and excellent biocompatibility. Lee Pil Gyeng, CEO of Handol Biotech Co., Ltd., said, "This technology transfer will provide a new vision for the new drug development market and create a new paradigm for anticancer drugs."


Professor Kim's research team will put forward their best efforts to commercialize the DDS technology, which was developed after long periods of research, through continuous joint research with Handol Biotech. Sogang University Research & Business Development Foundation will support the commercialization of the transferred technology through subsequent R&D and product development support.