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Title Academic Exchange Program between Sogang University and Sophia University in Japan, ‘2019 NEW SOFEX’
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Academic Exchange Program between Sogang University and Sophia University in Japan, ‘2019 NEW SOFEX’

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Video debate class of ‘SOFEX 100: East Asia and Education of the Society of Jesus’


In a classroom at D Hall in Sogang University, students are talking with each other through a screen. Beyond the screen, students in Sophia University in Japan are also conversing with them. On November 28 at 5:00 p.m., the third session of the real-time video debate class was conducted between Sogang University and Sophia University in Japan.


Since Sogang University and Sophia University in Japan concluded an agreement on an academic exchange program in March 2018, this marks the second operation of a joint subject at the same time this year. The Sogang-Sophia Festival of Exchange (SOFEX), which attracted public attention with the first inter-university international regular session in Korea, has been renewed with the name ‘NEW SOFEX,’ an academic exchange program based on the previous exchanges between the two universities on culture and physical education for seven years. On the same day and the same time at both universities, twenty students from each university are taking the same class ‘SOFEX100: East Asia and Education of Society of Jesus,’ a jointly opened class.


In addition to the real-time video debate class, the students have the opportunity to visit each other’s universities in Seoul and Japan, thereby participating in two sessions of a program for listening to lectures related to the class themes, as well as on-site experiences. This year, students from Sophia University in Japan visited Sogang University for three days from November 8 to 10, while Sogang University students visited Sophia University in Japan from November 22 to 24, dealing with issues of immigration policies, refugees, and poverty in the two countries.


Lee Eun Ji (‘17), a student from the Department of Philosophy at Sogang University, said about the program, “As I took part in NEW SOFEX, I enjoyed the valuable experience to see and feel in person the different aspects of Japanese society, which I could have never learned by simply traveling to Japan, and to discuss them with Japanese friends. As we visited each other’s countries, we were able to enter into immigrants’ lives and listen to their own stories, giving us more mature thoughts and ideas.”


Sogang University President Park Jong Gou said, “This program enables the students from both universities to have direct exchange classes, enjoy experiences in person and talk to each other, and understand and determine relevant issues on their own, thereby growing their global leadership. Furthermore, I think that this program will allow escape from the past, giving hope to a new generation for improving relations between Korea and Japan. We are planning to further expand and develop the NEW SOFEX program to allow our youth to gather and actively forge a new world where all people live together in peace and harmony.”



Group photograph celebrating 2019 NEW SOFEX academic exchange program