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Title Professor Kang Suk-ju at Sogang University Selected as the Recipient of ‘IEEE/IEIE Joint Award for IT Young Engineers’
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Professor Kang Suk-ju at Sogang University Selected as the Recipient of

‘IEEE/IEIE Joint Award for IT Young Engineers’



Professor Kang Suk-ju from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Sogang University (president: Jong Gou Park) has won the ‘IEEE/IEIE Joint Award for IT Young Engineers.’ The award is co-hosted by the internationally renowned Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, president José M.F. Moura) and the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (IEIE, president Cheon Won Choi from Dankook University), and supported by Haedong Science Foundation (chairman Kim Young-jae, CEO of Daeduck Electronics). The award ceremony was held at Maison GLAD Jeju on June 27 at 6:00 P.M.


This year’s winner, Prof. Kang from Sogang University, has conducted research on an image and video processing system, next-generation display system, and deep learning-based hardware system. Fifty-five of his treatises have appeared in SCI journals and 85 in international academies, with 30 national and international patent applications and registrations from his research achievements. His treatises have been quoted over 1,000 times and contributed to academic and technological advancements. As chairman of IEEE’s International Standard Display Group, Prof. Kang, has also made great contributions to standardization and technology commercialization through the technological transfer of image and video signals processing. More recently, the professor has developed a lightweight deep learning-based system required for image creation in virtual reality displays for the first time in the world, and is currently focusing on research and development for deep learning-based systems which can be applied to a wide variety of fields.


Meanwhile, the award recipient was carefully selected on the basis of technical viability, social and environmental contributions, and originality. The countries which established a joint award with IEEE include Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, and Italy.