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Title Sogang University Tops ‘Korean Standard-Service Quality Index’ for Six Years in a Row
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Sogang University Tops ‘Korean Standard-Service Quality Index’

for Six Years in a Row


Sogang University (President: Jong Gou Park) has ranked 1st in the ‘University Sector’ of the ‘2019 Korean Standard-Service Quality Index (KS-SQI)’ conducted by the Korean Standards Association (KSA) for six consecutive years. The KS-SQI is a representative comprehensive index based on surveys of those who have experienced products or services first-hand. Thus, it measures the overall quality level of the service industry and evaluates service quality based on users’ experiences.


The ‘2019 KS-SQI Accreditation Award’ was held in Lotte Hotel on October 29, in which Sogang University received the accreditation award as the top university. The 2019 KS-SQI survey was carried out between July and September in 2019; the respondents were those attending the universities, excluding freshmen at the time of the survey. The evaluation is based on seven elements: Fulfillment of Primary Needs, Unexpected Benefits, Reliability, Individual Empathy, Positive Assistance, Accessibility, and Physical Environment. Sogang University largely showed a high level of service quality in all seven elements, allowing it to maintain its top ranking in the index for six years in a row.


Jong Gou Park, president of Sogang University, said, “On behalf of the university community, I am pleased that Sogang University has ranked 1st in the index for six consecutive years. From the beginning, our university has established its own unique academic traditions by aggressively and substantially leading our way of education. We have been considered an exemplary model of Korea’s small- and medium-sized universities developing their own strengths, and as a symbol of innovation among other universities. Sogang University will be committed to putting its utmost efforts in nurturing outstanding creative talents with intelligence, upright characteristics, and spirituality, leading innovation in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”


Established by the US Society of Jesus with global networks, Sogang University has taken the lead in globalization and has signed cooperation agreements with 366 universities in 65 nations around the world. In addition, the university has garnered attention across the nation by leading convergence in education. Starting from 2012, it has opened and operated Art & Technology Department, the first of its kind in Korea, converging the imaginations of the humanities, cultural and artistic inspirations, and state-of-the-art engineering technologies. Sogang University also launched the School of Media, Arts, and Science this year to expand convergence to more various disciplines, such as Media & Entertainment and Global Korean Studies.


Moreover, Sogang University is renowned for its advanced and student-oriented academic programs. It has run expanded interdisciplinary programs that combine diverse departments. Under the programs, the studies of Big Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Korean Society and Culture are in operation. Additionally, the university’s ‘multi-major scheme’ enables students to select up to three majors and obtain the degrees without restrictions. The ‘Student-Designed Major Scheme’ also allows students to determine and design curricula and majors on their own. Sogang University has been committed to nurturing creative and well-rounded talents by breaking down the boundaries among disciplines and realizing education based on interdisciplinary studies.



[Photo] Jong Gou Park, president of Sogang University (second from the left), Lee Sang-jin, Chairman of Korean Standards Association (third from the left)