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Title Physics Department Held 2019 Kavli Asian Winter School
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Physics Department Held 2019 Kavli Asian Winter School



On January 8 (Tuesday) in room #302 of Jeong Hasang Hall, the first session of the Kavli Asian Winter School was implemented, focusing on Strings, Particles, and Cosmology. The school aims to form an arena for academic exchanges to nurture talented students across Asia. The school also supports young Asian researchers to receive quality education free from financial burden. Renowned professors from home and abroad teach the participants on various themes while students also engage in free exchanges of their own ideas.


The school was initiated on the suggestion of Prof. Lee Beom Hun, Dean of the Natural Sciences School (present chair of the Korea Physical Society). Since 2007, the school has been held in South Korea, Japan, China, and India. This year marks the 13th edition, while the Kavli Foundation began offering its proactive support last year.


President Park Jong Gou stated, “String Theory is at the core of understanding quantum space time” and “The meeting will bring about affluent knowledge for young researchers from various countries, including China, India, Japan, and Korea.” Professor Lee Beom Hun said, “I’m greatly encouraged by the fact that the student participants of the past are now sharing their knowledge as researchers,” and added,” This gathering will grow even stronger, allowing it to become an association with dignity that contributes to the development of academic circles.”


The event was held on January 17 at Sogang University. Participants were provided with various programs, as well as accommodations and meals.


Visit the Kavli Asian Winter School website for more details.