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Title Tiger JK, Father of Korean Hip Hop, Held Special Lecture at Sogang
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Tiger JK, Father of Korean Hip Hop, Held Special Lecture at Sogang



Tiger JK, often called the father of the Korean hip hop scene, visited Sogang University on November 6. On this day, he met with more than 50 Sogang students from various nations at Jeong Ha-sang Hall to offer a special lecture, '2018 Core Humanities Special Lecture,' presenting the themes of the past and future of Korean hip hop, hip hop as popular culture and art, and the significance of hip hop in Korean society. Since his debut album, Year of The Tiger, in 1999, Tiger JK has pioneered hip hop in Korea, introducing and advancing the music genre for roughly 20 years.


The lecture was held in English, and Prof. Song Myoung-sun of the American Culture Department acted as MC, as the format was presented as a Q&A. Fully utilizing the small set for the lecture, the venue was excellent for showcasing Tiger JK's story. Among the in-depth topics discussed, he spoke of his childhood in Los Angeles, especially the racism he experienced and how it influenced his music, and the potential and future directions of Korean hip hop at this moment in time, just as BTS and other K-pop singers are gaining worldwide popularity.


An attendee of the lecture said, "Thanks to this lecture, I learned about how Tiger JK endlessly reinvents himself with creative ideas and that he is a person who regards sharing and humility as very important elements. I'm deeply impressed and inspired by his life and music that pay respect to 'being different.'"


After the lecture, Tiger JK had a photo session with all participating Sogang students and gave out CDs as presents. The respectful manners he showed for his fans were enthusiastically recognized by those in attendance. This visit by Tiger JK, the founder of Korean hip hop music celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut, gave Sogang students a special learning opportunity. Tiger JK mentioned this lecture – his first university lecture – on his Instagram. He also mentioned that the November 2018 release of his 10th album, Drunken Tiger X: Rebirth of Tiger JK, marked the last Drunken Tiger album, and that he now plans to produce and perform music under the stage name Tiger JK.