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Title The Late Lee Hyun-son and Namkoong Whon Receive '2018 Proud Sogang Alumnus Awards'
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The Late Lee Hyun-son and Namkoong Whon

 Receive '2018 Proud Sogang Alumnus Awards'


The Late Lee Hyun-son, Namkoong Whon 


The Sogang University Alumni Association (Chairman: Lee Sang-woong) appointed two members of the school alumni for this year's (22nd) Proud Sogang Alumnus Awards: the late Lee Hyun-son, a ceramic artist who established Dangojae; and Namkoong Whon, CEO of Kakao Games. According to the Sogang University Alumni Association, these two members have contributed to the development of Korean society and graced the honor of Sogang University and all alumni, while also contributing to the incubation of their successors. The awards ceremony has been scheduled for January 14, 2019, at Matthew Hall.


① Lee Hyun-son, the late ceramic artist, Sogang University alumni (History Department '61), devoted his life to reviving Goryeo celadon, Joseon white porcelain, and Buncheong celadon. He was attracted by the beauty of ceramic used to record history and established Dangojae, which means a house to revive the old with a passionate heart as red as the color of tempered iron. His works, including daily life ceramic products and art works, were given the added touch of line drawing and literary artistic painting. This created a unique style of art that he made his own. He also made efforts to foster his successors before passing away in 2006. Since that time, the late artist's widow has been the one making ceramic products at Dangojae.

The late Lee Hyun-son realized the power of the education philosophy of Sogang University to foster true talents who can contribute to the development of human society and culture.


② Namkoong Whon, CEO of Kakao Games, a Sogang alumni (Business Administration '91), has led the gaming industry in Korea since entering the field as one of the co-founders of Han Games. In particular, his work as a representative for NHN USA, CJ Internet, and We Made Entertainment led him to become a businessman with global capabilities in the gaming industry. Going beyond merely incubating successors, Hun established a foundation for gaming talents to support future gaming experts and to help small- and medium-sized gaming companies. His efforts raised the presence of the gaming industry as a culture industry. Namgung Hun, a true expert in the field of video games, successfully realized the education philosophy of Sogang University to foster leading citizens to contribute to society using critical reasoning and understanding to respond to the changes happening over time.