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Title Sogang University's Signature 2018 Christmas Manger, Applied with Media Art, Exhibits Bridge of Reconciliation under Theme of Peaceful Unification
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Sogang University's Signature 2018 Christmas Manger, Applied with Media Art, 

Exhibits Bridge of Reconciliation under Theme of Peaceful Unification



Every December, Sogang University installs a special Christmas manger at Albatross square. This is known as Sogang's winter signature, and viewers pleasantly appreciate the different concepts for the installation as it annually revives the manger scene where Baby Jesus was born.


The theme for the 2018 Christmas manger marks 'the will for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula,' representing the biggest event for Korean society this past year. Under the title 'Bridge of Reconciliation,' a media art exhibition is also planned. The Sogang family and visitors will have plenty of time to worship the manger of Baby Jesus who brought light into a scene full of darkness. At the same time, the setting will serve as a special place to think about the meaning of Christmas through 'peace and reconciliation.'


In particular, the media art exhibition shows the creations of students from the Art and Technology Department at Sogang University, and it contains the theme of harmonious unification of existences separated by war, division, and conflict, while seeking out a better future. The main object and image are the 'Korean peninsula peace tree,' symbolizing the dissolution of structure, and the 'bridging' meant to embody the meeting of different thoughts, warm-hearted winter, and changes from conflict to peace. This is implemented in a 360-degree projection mapping across Albatross Tower. Through this, the true meaning of Christmas is given to mark this new era and, at the same time, the spiritual place where prayers for reconciliation of the two Koreas are held.


The Sogang University Christmas manger and media art exhibition will be showcased for three weeks, from December 3 to December 25. As a special feature, this year's manger was produced in a shape offering a void in every direction, so as to allow the audience to easily view the media art projected onto Albatross Tower behind the manger at the main gate. From December 5 to December 9 (five days), live music will be performed, and an interactive performance is displayed in which the video clip shown is transformed according to the melody.




Sogang University's Christmas manger, a school tradition initiated in 2000, highlights different meanings and concepts every year and is now becoming a piece of art to encourage the public to think about the true meaning of Christmas. In 2013, the exhibition shed light on the issue of urban slums; in 2014, it recognized the Sewol Ferry Disaster; in 2015, the issue of refugee settlement was tackled; and last year, media art was applied for the first time, adding a video clip titled 'the movement of mercy.' Although the concepts change with each passing year, a recurring message is delivered: greetings for Baby Jesus who came to us from this most humble place. With this, a visit to Sogang University's signature Christmas manger will always serve as a very meaningful way to put an end to the current year.


▲ 2018 Sogang Christmas Manger, Media Art Exhibition 'Bridge for Reconciliation'




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