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Title 1988 Sogang Young Dreamers, 2018 Sogang Mature Dreamers: Homecoming Day to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary for the Class of 1988
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1988 Sogang Young Dreamers, 2018 Sogang Mature Dreamers :

Homecoming Day to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary for the Class of 1988


▲ Alumni at the Homecoming Day event.


November 3 (SAT), 2018, marked the Homecoming Day event held in Gonzaga Convention Hall to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Class of 1988 (those who joined Sogang University in 1988). Leading up to the event, the alumni were guided by Hanigaram (Student Ambassador) to enjoy a tour of the Sogang campus bursting in autumn colors.


After registration, which began at 5:00 p.m., a welcoming reception was held, allowing the alumni time to enjoy a photo exhibition. Finally meeting old friends after so many years apart, they greeted each other over a glass of wine and shared stories of their lives. At a photo zone in one corner of the venue, many alumni spent time taking pictures with old friends.


▲ (Left) Alumni are guided through the registration by Student Ambassador Hanigaram.

(Right) Alumni at the Homecoming Day venue.


▲ Alumni greet friends over a glass of wine.


At 6:00 p.m., the event kicked off in earnest with a sentimental video comprised of old photos, including group photos for different departments, field trip photos, and others of performances put on by school clubs, such as the traditional band, Kinsechs, and Emile. When the department photos were shown, the alumni cheered with excitement, and big smiles spread across their faces as they walked down memory lane to relive their college days of some 30 years ago. Many were particularly pleased to see the photo of the proprietor of a bar located near the campus called Mulleya.


▲ Alumni remember the good old days as they watch the video presentation.


The video was followed by an introduction of guests who had made their way to the reunion to welcome the Class of 1988, including Park Jong-gou, President of Sogang University; Seo Jeong-yeon, Executive Vice President of Research and External Affairs; and Kang Sun-kyung, Head of Public Affairs. “I am happy to welcome the Class of 1988 on such a lovely autumn day,” President Park began. When he asked the alumni if they still had any fond memories from campus life 30 years ago and whether they were enjoying their homecoming, everyone present answered ‘YES’ in a resounding unified voice. The president continued with his remarks, emphasizing that Sogang needs to “see growth in quality as much as in quantity” and will do its best “to live up to the expectations and support shown by the alumni.” President Park was followed on the stage by Lee Sang-woong, President of the alumni association. “It is so nice to see the alumni coming back to school to fill up every seat in this hall. Today will mark the start of another 30 years into the future. Please continue your support and love for Sogang,” he urged.


▲ Park Jong-gou, President of Sogang University, delivers words of greeting.


Next, the Class of 1988 delivered the Homecoming Fund that they had collected for their alma mater. Kim Sang-mok (Business, 1988), President of the Preparation Committee, presented a fund worth KRW 143 million to President Park Jong-gou, the full amount of which will be used for scholarships and to help young students achieve their dreams.


▲ Kim Sang-mok, Chairman of the Committee, delivers the 1988 Homecoming Scholarship Fund.


Before the Homecoming Day event, the alumni had been asked to participate in a slogan contest. The winning slogan was by Lee Jae-don (Religion, Class of 1988): ‘1988 Sogang Young Dreamers, 2018 Sogang Mature Dreamers.’


▲ Lee Jae-don (Religion, Class of 1988) wins a prize for his slogan.


Those alumni who were overseas and could not take part in the celebrations sent video messages to say hello to their old friends. Kim Jeong-suk (Mathematics, 1988), who is now serving as a missionary overseas, blessed her friends. “I believe that you are healthy and making the most of your lives,” she added.


▲ Sogang Chorus welcomes the alumni with songs.


Congratulations extended by current students made the alumni feel even more welcomed. Marking its 50th year in 2019, Sogang Chorus took the stage to welcome the alumni. Gwak Jun-woo (Social Sciences, 2017), head of Sogang Chorus, remarked that it was “an honor to be invited to Homecoming Day to sing for the alumni.” Sogang Chorus sang three songs: Beautiful Country, Fly Me to the Moon, and Someday. The last song, Someday, was sung in harmony with Mun Seung-jae (Chemistry, 1988), and many hearts were touched by this beautiful rendition. Next, a toast was held, proposed by Im Tae-sun (Business, 1988), Vice President of the Preparation Committee. The dinner began with the toast, followed by a photo session where the alumni got together in their respective departments to take pictures. After the photo session, the alumni sat down again to enjoy a performance by the Sogang University cheerleading group, TRIPATHY.


▲ The TRIPATHY cheerleading group celebrates the occasion with a performance.


▲ Alumni enjoy the celebration together.


The alumni remained on their feet throughout the performance to join TRIPATHY in celebration. When TRIPATHY played the highlight song, To You, all who were present stood together to sing along, showing the bond that brings the Sogang community together in love. After the performance, the alumni rummaged through their memories of Sogang to win prizes in a fun quiz contest. Those who did not win any prizes here had another chance during the lucky prize draw, sponsored by the alumni and the Office of Public Affairs.


▲ Alumni play recreational games with old friends.


As the event neared its closing, the alumni held hands together to sing in unison “Be as proud of Sogang, as Sogang is proud of you,” finally bringing the happy reunion to an end.


▲ Alumni wrap up the reunion by singing together.


At the end of Homecoming Day, the Class of 1988 exchanged their contact information in order to stay in touch and mark the beginning of ‘another 30 years.’ We hope that the alumni can look back on their homecoming with fond memories while rebuilding their relationships and finding new inspirations in life.