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Title Sogang-SIGNIS World Sign MOU
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Sogang-SIGNIS World Sign MOU


- Business agreement for preparing SIGNIS World Congress 2021 -

- Venue for Catholic journalists around the globe at Sogang University in August 2021 -


▲ (From left) Kim Seung Wol, Director for SIGNIS Asia; Yu Shin-jae, Sogang Dean of General Affairs;

Lim Jubin, Chairman for SIGNIS Seoul, Park Jong Gou, Sogang President; Helen Osman, SIGNIS Chairperson;

Paul Samasumo, SIGNIS Vice Chairperson; Lawrence John, SIGNIS Vice Chairperson



On Friday, October 5, in the Administration Building, Sogang University and SIGNIS Chairman Group (Chairperson Helen Osman) signed an MOU to prepare for the SIGNIS World Congress 2021.


* SIGNIS World Congress: a congress for Catholic journalists from more than 140 countries. More than 300 members of SIGNIS attend the congress to participate in the conference, seminar, exhibition, general assembly, and special mass for 5 days. In 2017, the congress was held at University of Laval, a Catholic university in Quebec, Canada (


The two organizations discussed appointing Sogang as the venue for SIGNIS World Congress 2021, which is slated for August 2021, and signed an MOU. Sogang University agreed on providing the meeting hall, dorm, and other facilities, and the SIGNIS World agreed on preserving the campus rules and regulations, as well as the atmosphere as a place for learning. Helen Osman, SIGNIS Chairperson, Vice Chairman Lawrence John, Vice Chairman Paul Samasumo, Secretary General Ricardo Yanez, SIGNIS Seoul Chairman Lim Jubin, SIGNIS Seoul Director Namgung Chan, and SIGNIS ASIA Director Kim Seung Wol visited Sogang University that day.


President Park Jong Gou said, “I am truly delighted to hold the SIGNIS World Congress in 2021 at Sogang,” and added, “this will serve as an opportunity for global Catholic journalists to gather together to discuss human dignity, justice, and reconciliation through media.”


SIGNIS World, the World Catholic Association for Communication, is an association that is officially recognized by the Vatican and includes all Catholic people working in TV, film, advertising, journalism, Internet, and media education. At SIGNIS Korea (Chairman Lim Jubin, KBS deliberation council member), more than 600 members, producers, reporters, and engineers from KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, PBS, and other cable broadcasters, and those who are working for ads and Edizioni Paoline, are actively participating.