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Title Sogang-Seoul Small Makers Association Sign Cooperation MOU
Writer sogpr Date 2018-10-24 Views 741

Sogang-Seoul Small Makers Association Sign Cooperation MOU


- Enhance network and cooperation between

Seoul’s small-sized makers and implement digital square to improve public awareness -

- Open academy for specialized techniques for small-sized makers to address their difficulties in business -



On Friday, September 21, in the administration building of Sogang University, Sogang University and Seoul Small Makers Association signed an MOU to establish cooperation and a digital square for small makers based in Seoul. Through this MOU, both parties will contribute to youth job creation by enhancing the network between small makers, improving public awareness, and establishing an eco-system for small makers who are the main pillar of basic industries in Korea, based on the mutual collaboration for building a digital square for small makers in Seoul.


* Digital Square for Seoul Small Makers: a platform that offers a digital communication square, commerce marketplace, workflow, expert support channel, and technological professional content, aiming at raising small makers’ competitiveness


To this end, Sogang University Academy-Industry Cooperation consortium and Smart Fin-tech Research Center established a group for professor advisors with backgrounds in machinery and business. The kick-off project is planned to support pilot product manufacturing. At the same time, a professional technique academy for small makers will be launched to address small makers’ difficulties, such as cutting-edge 3D design, to support small makers’ skills theoretically. The digital square platform enables real-time communication for all progress. The platform will be supported by The Bom S, an academy-industry joint corporation of Sogang University. People are now being drawn to this new model of academy-industry cooperation and youth job creation.


Han Bu Yeong, chairman of Seoul Small Makers Association said, “The ecosystem for small-sized makers is on the verge of ruin because of lack of public awareness, although the industry has been at the center of basic industries in Korea,” and added, “through cooperation with Sogang University, I hope there will be another chance to stand tall again. Many small-sized makers are interested in the MOU.”


President Park Jong Gou said, “Sogang University is well aware of the need for collaboration and the difficulties that the small makers of the local community face,” and added, “I hope this digital square platform will mark the watershed for the contribution of excellent university researchers and technology to society.”


For the academy-industry cooperation, Sogang University has visited the business sites of small makers more than 20 times since May to analyze the actual difficulties of small-sized makers. They used the findings to design an academy-industry program centered on a collaboration platform.