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Title Working Together for a New Start: Blessing Mass for the Opening of Fall Semester 2018
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Working Together for a New Start:

Blessing Mass for the Opening of Fall Semester 2018



Rev. Park Byeong-gwan, mass priest, held a mass to bless the new semester


The blessing mass for the opening of a new semester is an original Sogang University event meant to celebrate the start of a new term. The Sogang family gathers to bless this new beginning for the university. Here is a rundown of the blessing mass for the opening of this year’s fall semester.


At 10:30 on Thursday, September 13, the blessing mass for the opening of fall semester 2018 was held at St. Ignatius Cathedral. Rev. Park Byeong-gwan led the mass, while President Park Jong-gou, Chairman of the Board Park Mun-su, and other faculty and students attended the mass to bless the opening of the semester.


The theme for the fall semester blessing mass was “Working Together,” representing Sogang’s efforts to work together with the words of God and cheer each other on in this common mission.


Rev. Park Byeong-gwan, the mass priest, said, “To work together for a distance, we have to be humble so that we can endure egoistic seductions and put up with dogma and self-righteousness,” highlighting the importance of dialogue, patience, and innovation. At the same time, for the development of Sogang, the attitude of pointing fingers at others and regression should also be eradicated.


At the mass, students donated laptops and textbooks. These will be used to support students in need, along with some other areas of donation. After the mass, attendees enjoyed a warm meal of noodles prepared by the Chaplain Department and rallied in support of the upcoming semester. Kim Jeong-eun (Communications 2017), a mass attendee, stated, “The mass helped me to gather some good vibes so that I could kick off the new semester with blessings.”


The mass was aired in real-time via SGBS university radio broadcasting and the school chaplain’s Facebook live broadcasting.