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Title Laureates Disclosed for 2018 Sogang Photography Contest
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Laureates Disclosed for 2018 Sogang Photography Contest

- Grand Prix (Shin Jun-sik, Alumnus, Morning in the Academic Forest) and Other Laureates (10 in Total) Selected -

- Awards Ceremony Held on Sep. 14 in President’s Office; Awardees Received Certificates and Prizes -




At 11 o’clock on Friday, September 14, the awards ceremony for the ‘2018 Sogang Photography Contest’ was held in the president’s office. President Park Jong-gou, Executive Vice President for Research and External Affairs Seo Jung-yun, and other faculty members and awardees attended the ceremony, while Vice President for Public Affairs Kang Sun-kyung took on the role of MC. The awards consisted of one Grand Prix, an Excellence Award, and a Runner-up Award; there were also seven awards given out for participation.


Kang Sun-kyung, the vice president for public affairs, said, “For our first photography contest, more than 150 photographs were submitted. As there were many excellent photographs, it was difficult to select the awardees.” Kang also added, “We evaluated the photographs according to five standards of consistency, while considering the contest theme, expression, integrity, creativity, and utility, and we exerted our best efforts to judge these fairly.” The vice president introduced the awarded photos, and prizes and certificates were conferred to the awardees.


The prize for the Grand Prix was 1 million Korean won; 500 thousand Korean won went to the winner of the Excellence Award; 300 thousand Korean won was given for the Runner-up Award; and Sogang special presents and certificates were given out as a “Thank you for your participation” to seven awardees.


** Awardees List (10) **


 Grand Prix: Shin Jun-sik (Philosophy 2011, Alumnus), Morning in the Academic Forest

 Excellence Award: Kim Min-su (Graduate School, History), Loyola Library in Sweet Dreams

 Runner-up Award: Yu Hong-hyeon (Computer Science and Engineering 2017), Melody in the Early Morning

 Thank You for Your Participation Award: Cha Gi-wook (Communications 2018), Summer Is on a Roll

 Thank You for Your Participation Award: YI KEJING (Graduate School of International Studies), Green Shoot

 Thank You for Your Participation Award: Kim Han-byeol (Korean Literature, Faculty), An Old Professor Preparing for Retirement

 Thank You for Your Participation Award: Bang Yeong-hwan (Electronic Engineering 2014), Sogang Bunker

 Thank You for Your Participation Award: Kim Seong-hyeon (Graduate School of Education, Alumnus), Mirage

 Thank You for Your Participation Award: Park Seong-hyeon (European Languages and Cultures 2018), Soaring

 Thank You for Your Participation Award: Son Su-min (French Culture 2014), Autumn 



<Grand Prix> Morning in the Academic Forest, by Shin Jun-sik, Sogang Alumnus



Morning in the Academic Forest, awarded the Grand Prix in photography, captures a moment along the campus road surrounded by the fresh lush green of Sogang Campus in the beautiful morning sunlight, along with a figure exiting the university gates after studying until dawn. The footsteps of the figure going through the gates and passing Albatross Tower look very pleasant, and the scene goes well with the background. Sogang Campus, as an academic forest full of hope, was expressed with grandeur and in a sophisticated way.


Shin Jun-sik, a Philosophy-major graduate, presented how he captured this moment prior to receiving the Grand Prix award. He waited from dawn in order to take this picture at just the right moment. He said, “I like to take pictures of our campus and I heard that there was a photography contest at Sogang. I thought it was a good opportunity and I applied.” He added, “I am delighted to receive the award. I will continue my photography work on Sogang Campus.”


The list of the awardees is as below:





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Shin Jun-sik

Morning in the Academic Forest

A dramatic moment as the morning sunlight slowly reaches Sogang Campus in the lush green summer



Kim Min-su

Loyola Library in Sweet Dreams

Loyola Library’s hill at dawn after an all-night study session



Yu Hong-hyeon

Melody in the Early Morning

On the first day of the Club Street Festival, a student practices guitar in the early morning on the sports grounds

Thank you

for Your



Cha Gi-wook

Summer is on a Roll

Albatross Tower and the beginning of summer;

Sogang soaring powerfully like an albatross in flight


Green Shoot

Captured on a spring day, a tree – looking like
a green shoot – springs out in front of Jeong Hasang Hall

Kim Han-byeol

An Old Professor Preparing for Retirement

Obedire Veritati, a carved quote on Albatross Tower, is a lesson from an old professor who is about to retire and, at the same time, it is a quote that accurately depicts Sogang

*Model: Honorary Professor Kwak Chung-gu

Bang Yeong-hwan

Sogang Bunker

Because of the shape of Emmaus Hall, the scene seems to depict the entrance to a bunker, pictured with Nogosan mountain.

Kim Seong-hyeon


A mirage in the heat shimmering off the warmed Sogang road

Park Seong-hyeon


Air show reminiscent of an albatross soaring, along with Jeong Hasang Hall in the background

Son Su-min


Sogang's golden autumn at Gabriel Hall