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Title Opening Ceremony for 11th Global Leadership Program
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Opening Ceremony for 11th Global Leadership Program

- Building Leadership to Serve the International Society with Insight -


On Monday, August 13, in Class 102 of Geppert-Nam Duck Woo Hall, the opening ceremony for the 11th Global Leadership Program (GLP) was held.


At the GLP opening ceremony, Prof. Christine Myung-hee Ahn, Vice President for International Affairs, introduced the guests and attendees from each college. Then, Park Byeong-gwan, a chaplain professor from the university, said, “I hope this GLP will serve as the stepping stone for participants to become global leaders,” and added, “the program will bear many fruit.” He also prayed for blessings for the program.


Following this, President Park Jong-gou delivered his message of welcome, saying, “I hope the program will be an opportunity to build friendships across international borders, through understanding, learning, and growing together.” He also expressed his gratitude for the program organizers.


President Park Jong-gou delivering his welcoming remarks


Since 2008, the GLP has offered an opportunity to spend a week every summer in the company of five universities in the Society of Jesus for the East Asian region: Sogang University of South Korea, Sophia University of Japan, Ateneo de Manila University of the Philippines, Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan, and Sanata Dharma University of Indonesia. During this weeklong event, discussions are held on given topics affecting the international community. The participants engage in these discussions, along with in-depth study sessions and field trips to seek out solutions. A team is comprised of a leading professor and six students from each university, making up 35 members in total, and the entire program is preceded in English.