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Title Sogang Signed an MOU with Kakao M for Advancement of the Entertainment Culture
Writer sogpr Date 2018-06-27 Views 1403

Sogang Signed an MOU with Kakao M for Advancement of the Entertainment Culture

- Cooperation in Various Aspects such as Performance Content Planning and Theater Usage -

- Internship Program for Students who want to be Culture Experts -

- Sinchon, Hub of College Culture, to be developed as Hub for Performance Culture -


▲ (from left) Sogang President Park Jong Gou and Kakao M CEO Lee Je-wook


On June 8, Sogang University and Kakao M (CEO Lee Je-wook), an entertainment content enterprise, signed an MOU for the advancement of the entertainment culture in Korea, to cooperate with each other in various aspects such as performance content planning and theater usage. The cooperation program will give opportunities for Sogang students to have internship to become future pop culture content expert.


To this end, Kakao M, as a leader in the K-culture industry, will wholeheartedly support Sogang University, with its music platform “Melon,” the largest music platform in Korea, the ticket sales service “Melon Ticket,” its 40-year-long music investment and distribution business, performance planning infrastructure represented by the “Melon Music Award,” and so on.


As of now, at Mary Hall, a facility for performance at Sogang, there are diverse performances of musical concert, drama, and dance. The university and Kakao M plan to grow not only Sogang but also Sinchon, so called the “Mecca of college culture, where Sogang University is located in, to become the hub of performance culture in Korea.


President Park Jong Gou said that “Mary Hall has long been played the pivotal role in college culture and it is expected that the cooperation with Kakao M will mark a watershed in further developing college culture.”


CEO Lee Je-wook of Kakao M said that “Our company wants to contribute to the growth of entertainment culture in Korea, as a culture enterprise that fulfils the social responsibility,” and he further added that “We will actively cooperate with Sogang University to make Sinchon a place in which a number of performances that everybody love are performed.”