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Title Moving Forward in the True Internationalization, Sogang Exchange Fair for Exchange Student Spring Semester 2019
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Moving Forward in the True Internationalization,

Sogang Exchange Fair for Exchange Student Spring Semester 2019


▲ Students participating at Sogang Exchange Fair


The student exchange program is a student’s privilege, given that students can experience culture and life in overseas while studying at a foreign university. Prior to selecting the exchange student for spring semester 2019, the Office of International Affairs held Sogang Exchange Fair on May 2, at Gonzaga Plaza. The purpose of the event is to serve as an arena for communication and exchange between students who plan to apply for the student exchange program and those who already participated in the program on information of partner universities that Sogang students can study at. Enrolled students as well as foreign students and students on leave visited the fair held from noon to 3PM on May 2. At the promotion and counseling booths installed in the fair venue, students could gain detailed and useful information by conversing with foreign students who has come to Sogang through the student exchange program from our partner universities and with the students who had experienced the program.


▲ Sogang students talking with foreign exchange students ①


Kim Woo-geun, an international program officer at the Office of International Affairs, said that “the number of foreign students and Sogang students visited the fair is higher than expected, and vitalized mutual communication took place,” and further added that “our team members will make all-out efforts so that students considering the student exchange program would gain confidence and useful information on overseas exchange program, a consequence that will further advance this event.” Min Hye-ryeong, Sogang student who is a member of the SSIA and a supporter for foreign students to well-settled in Korea, expressed her feelings on the event. She mentioned that “it is not really easy to obtain useful information on the student exchange program destination. So, I hope visitors of this event will be given a fortunate opportunity to meet foreign students and to exchange various information” and further added that “the event is significant in this regard.”


▲ Sogang students talking with foreign exchange students ②


Lee Yu-jeong (class of 16, European Languages and Cultures) who visited Sogang Exchange Fair said that “it was meaningful to meet foreign students from various partner universities. In particular, it was good to meet Sogang students who already had experienced the program as they shared their valuable experience for the students preparing for the student exchange.” She added that on the benefit from visiting the fair, “I want to visit as a student who already had experienced the student exchange program next time to share my own experience.”


Meanwhile, the application for the student exchange program for 2019 spring semester will be open from June 25 to July 2, 2018. The interview will be held in the first week of July and the selected students will be notified in the third week of the month.