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Title The 2018 Paschal Triduum Service to Commemorate the Resurrection
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The 2018 Paschal Triduum Service to Commemorate the Resurrection



From March 29 to 31, the Office of Campus Ministry Affairs held the Paschal Triduum service to commemorate the Passion of Jesus and to celebrate the Resurrection. The Paschal Triduum service, which took place in St. Ignatius Cathedral for three days, was composed of Holy Thursday Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, Good Friday celebration of the Lord’s Passion, and Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Mass.



The Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper was held on Thursday, March 29 at 8pm to celebrate the last supper where Jesus showed his love for his disciples before he died. The Washing of the Feet service was performed on that day. The tradition of washing feet originates from the anecdote of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet to teach them the lesson to love each other. The ceremony held in St. Ignatius Cathedral was different from the conventional service in that the members of the congregation have their feet washed by the priest; the priest started the service, it was relayed among representative students, and finally, the last student washed the feet of the priest.



At 3pm on Good Friday, March 30, the celebration the Lord’s Passion was held. Traditionally, a celebration is held at 3pm to remember the hours when Jesus hung on the cross to meditate on Christ’s Passion. On that day, a pantomime on the Passion was performed by “Liturgia,” a Catholic students’ club, replacing the gospel of passion of Christ.



At 8pm on Holy Saturday, March 31, the last day of Paschal Triduum, the Easter Vigil Mass was held magnificently. The Catholic Church celebrates the Resurrection on the night of Holy Saturday by having a luminous ritual, renewing baptismal vows, and sharing the history of exodus and liberation of the Israelites. This is to reflect on the true meaning of Resurrection, which led people toward light from dark and toward life from death. The congregation members lit the paschal candles to commemorate the meaning and joy of the Resurrection.



The Liturgy of the Word, the renewal of baptismal vows, and the Liturgy of Eucharist were held and everybody enjoyed Jesus’ Resurrection after the Passion. Rev. Park Byeonggwan, the mass priest, gave a sermon, “Jesus resides in us, and we reside in Jesus.” He added, “Under any circumstances, we have to trust each other and stand tall in the Lord of Resurrection.” The week of Paschal Triduum gave Sogang students, professors, and faculty a meaningful time to think about the sacrifice and grace of Jesus, who was resurrected after the passion.