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Title Kang Jin-bum Receives Young Investigator Award from the World’s Biggest Ultrasound Society
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Kang Jin-bum Receives Young Investigator Award

from the World’s Biggest Ultrasound Society



Kang Jin-bum, a student in the doctoral course in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Sogang University, advised by Prof. Yoo Yang-mo, received the Young Investigator Award (YIA) from the 16th World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Congress 2017, held last October in Taipei, Taiwan, and hosted by the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) – the world’s largest ultrasound society.


□ Scientific Program Track: Basic Science, Instrumentation, Quality Control, and New Tech

□ Presentation: A Wide Field-of-View Microvascular Imaging based on Diverging Wave Excitation Using a Curved-Array Transducer


According to Kang Jin-bum’s presentation, the ultrasound imaging technology based on ultra-high-speed plain-wave technology, which is presently under active study around the globe, was successfully used for implementing the highly sensitive micro-vascular imaging. However, previous ultrasound imaging technology based on ultra-high-speed plain-wave technology has presented technical limitations in its field of vision and depth due to the structural characteristics of the ultrasound array transducer and transmission-focused beam technology. Kang’s study suggests a micro-vascular imaging technology that enables a wider field of vision and depth of image through developing an optimal diverging-wave transmission-focused beam technology that utilizes the curved-array transducer. This technology implements the micro-vascular imaging that provides wide sight and depth of image by utilizing the physical characteristics of diverging waves and mechanical characteristics of the curved-array transducer. Based on this technology, highly sensitive imaging on kidney micro-vessels was successfully implemented and the vascularity was quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated.


The objective of this study is to develop a technology for highly sensitive micro-vascular imaging based on the optimal diverging wave transmission technology utilizing a curved-array transducer for ultrasound capable of overcoming the obstacles in terms of limited field-of-view and field-of-depth issues in the existing high-speed ultrasound micro-vessel imaging technology. At the same time, the above-mentioned technology seems to be of use in developing a technology for the angiogenesis factor in malignant tumors, currently in the early stages of clinical trials. In addition, it is projected that the technology can be applied to advanced medical ultrasound technologies that research has recently been actively engaged in, such as shear-wave elastography and Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS), which require high temporal and spatial resolution.


Given that this research can be applied as a base technology for using high-resolution imaging technology based on high-speed beam focused technology for clinical trials on developing a medical ultrasound imaging system, it is expected that the easy application of the new ultrasound imaging technology, which requires simultaneous high temporal and spatial resolution, will create a huge impact in related fields. In addition, it is also projected that a major synergy effect can take place when the technology is applied to the medical imaging or therapy monitoring fields.