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Title Prof. Moon Jun-hyuk’s Research Team Develops Carbon Nano Particles with Excellent Electrochemical Characteristics
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Prof. Moon Jun-hyuk’s Research Team Develops

Carbon Nano Particles with Excellent Electrochemical Characteristics



The research team of Prof. Moon Jun-hyuk at Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering of Sogang University (Kim Cheol-ho, Kim Gi-won in Doctor’s Course) has succeeded in synthesizing ‘Universal Carbon Nano Particles’ with excellent electrochemical characteristics by using a *doping technology. The carbon nano particles show high electrochemical catalyst characteristics and energy storage features at the same time, and the result of the study has appeared on the October 31st issue of Scientific Reports of the Nature Publishing Group.


*Doping technology: A technology that injects heterogeneous elements into materials to control the materials’ properties. Specifically, it is able to greatly change properties of materials even by using a small volume of heterogeneous elements. The doping technology is broadly used for semiconductor technologies, and controls electric conductivity by injecting heterogeneous elements into silicon.


The research team synthesized porous carbon nano particles by carbonizing monodisperse polymer particles, and injected low-priced nitrogen elements. The carbonized carbon nano particles contain a great deal of fine blow holes, and electrochemical properties are controlled by doping nitrogen.


The research team said, “The developed carbon nano particles can be applied to a variety of energy areas as well as electrochemical catalyst, thereby having great industrial repercussions,” adding, “Those particles are expected to replace a conventional precious metal catalyst or to be used for electrodes of lithium ion batteries. It is planned to continue a study to further improve energy conversion and storage properties from here on.”


Meanwhile, this study was conducted with support of C1 refinery project, nano materials technology development, etc. of National Research Foundation of Korea.


□ Article Title, Author Information

- Article title: Highly N-doped microporous carbon nano spheres with high energy storage and conversion efficiency, Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 14400 (

- Author information: Kim Cheol-ho (lead author, Sogang University), Kim Gi-won (participating author, Sogang University), Moon Jun-hyuk (corresponding author)

- Website of laboratory:


<Figs.: (Left) Carbon Nano Particles Doped with Heterogeneous Elements;

(Right) High Electrochemical Catalyst Characteristics>