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Title Prof. Yoo Hyun-jae Receives Citation from Minister of Health and Welfare
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Prof. Yoo Hyun-jae Receives Citation from Minister of Health and Welfare

- Contribution Acknowledged Including His Planning ‘Suicide Prevention Campaign’ -



  Prof. Yoo Hyun-jae of School of Communication at Sogang University has received a commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare at the ceremony for ‘World Suicide Prevention Day 2017.’


  Prof. Yoo Hyun-jae has performed joint studies and published papers together with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Korea Suicide Prevention Center, the Korea Health Promotion Institute, the Ministry of Education, etc. with the themes on ‘Status of Suicide Scenes in TV dramas and Webtoons and their Impacts on Vulnerable Groups to Suicide such as Adolescents,’ ‘Development of Recommendation Standards for Media in Relation to Suicide Reports and Content,’ etc.


  Especially, last year, Prof. Yoo planned and performed ‘Are you OK? – Air Kiss Campaign,’ a suicide prevention program supervised by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and received the commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare with the contribution acknowledged. The ‘Are you OK? Air Kiss Campaign’ planned by Prof. Yoo takes the form of an SNS relay to naturally approach the suicide issues through friendly greetings of saying ‘Are you OK?’ without directly mentioning suicide. You can contain a message to someone you want to ask in a video to transfer to the one. This campaign can be checked at its Website (‘괜찮니.com’). Some celebrities such as Yoo Jae-suk, Ryu Joon-yeol, Cho Jung-seok, and Kang Ha-neul have participated in the campaign.


  Prof. Yoo Hyun-jae said that “In order to reduce the suicide rate of the Republic of Korea, which has ranked first in the world for about a dozen years, I am doing what I can as a communication researcher,” and added that “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those graduate school students who have conducted the task together with me.”


  Meanwhile, Prof. Yoo is currently working as the director for the Sogang Health Communication Center at Sogang University, while performing studies to eradicate a variety of Internet suicide sites spreading indiscriminately with special emphasis on SNS channels and to provide grounds for establishing policies to spread a culture of respect for life to the whole Korean society.