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Title Sogang-West Point Summer Academic Cooperation Program
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 Sogang-West Point (The United States Military Academy)

Summer Academic Cooperation Program


Jointly Conducts Research on Paper-based Temperature Sensor

that can be embedded in Military Uniform



   From July to August, Sogang University hosted the Sogang-West Point Summer Academic Cooperation Program. West Point, the United States Military Academy (USMA), dispatched excellent students to Sogang University to hold joint research during this summer program, which has been held annually since 2015. This year, marking the third year of the program, research on paper-based temperature sensors that can be embedded in military uniforms was jointly conducted.


   The USMA runs the Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) program that allows its students to implement research work on basic science or defense technology, by dispatching them to the world’s most renowned research institutions. Sogang University is the USMA’s only partner institution in Korea, as our school is well-recognized as having the capacity for advanced research. So far, research projects on smart uniform camouflage, decoding of cell phone fingerprints based on bio-information, and prompt detection of contaminated matters on site have been implemented.


   Two students from West Point visited Sogang University this year and they did research on a “Printing-based Thermo-sensor,” which makes the uniform react to the external environment and detects changes in temperature and environment through simple printing. This was done in collaboration with the research team led by Prof. Shin Kwan Woo of the Chemistry department. A joint journal on the research is scheduled to be published by Sogang University, West Point, and Harvard.


Cadet Daniel An (left), President Park Jong Gou (center) and cadet Kenny Lett (right)






Visiting scholars from Harvard (left), cadets from West Point (Center) and Prof. Shin Kwan Woo (right)