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Title Prof. Kim Hyunjung of Physics Department Chairs Gordon Research Conference
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Prof. Kim Hyunjung of Physics Department Chairs Gordon Research Conference


- Elected as Chair of the X-ray Science Gordon Conference for the First Time as Korean Professor,

Kim Dongjin (Doctor’s Course at Sogang), Designated as the Best Poster Presenter -





    Prof. Kim Hyunjung of the Physics department held the 2017 X-ray Science Gordon Research Conference as chair. The X-ray Science Gordon Research Conference, held from July 30 to August 4 at Stonehill University in the United States, is a globally renowned conference that has been held since 1989. The conference served as a venue for presenting the outcomes of research on cutting-edge technology in both synchrotron and x-ray free electron laser (XFEL) sources and seeking out a desirable direction for the future.


    Professor Kim, who was the first Korean professor to be elected as chair of the Gordon Research back in 2013 chaired the event again this year. Kim Dongjin, who is in the doctor’s course at Sogang, was designated as the best poster presenter and gave an oral presentation.


    Attending the 2017 Gordon Research Conference, X-ray Science, were more than 10 chiefs from synchrotron and x-ray free electron laser (XFEL) facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asian countries and approximately 130 experts in the field.


   The Gordon Research Conference has a long history, stemming from the 1920s. This annual event is held with a topic from the science and technology field that has created a buzz internationally, such as basic science of physics, chemistry, and biology, and converged science. All participants should pass a screening session and the format of the conference is comprised of a topic presentation and discussion. In Korea, the biennial Dasan Conference is held by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Society (KOFST), following the format of the Gordon Research Conference.