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Title Prof. Suh Chung-Mok of Korean Language and Literature Department Received the Ilseok Korean Linguistics Award
Writer sogpr Date 2017-06-16 Views 1810


The Ilseok Research Foundation named honorary professor Suh Chung-Mok of Korean Language and Literature Department of Sogang University as the awardee for the 15th Ilseok Korean Linguistics Award on June 1st. The foundation announced that Prof. Suh was appointed as the awardee as he has led the Korean linguistics academic circles since the 1980s and contributed to the advancement of the academia.

Prof. Suh worked for the Korean Language and Literature Department from 1983 and retired in 2014 after serving as the dean of academic affairs and the dean of School of Humanities and International Cultures. He is the pioneer of the study for Korean syntax applying transformational generative grammar and he focused on studying both Hyangga, Korean traditional poem of the Silla kingdom, and the history of Silla. He wrote several books such as “Studies on Korean Interrogative Sentences,” “Grammatical Model and Core Class Theory,” “Transformation and Restriction,” “Grammatical Structure of Korean,” “Study on Mojukjirangga,” “New Thoughts on Princess Yoseok and her Wonga,” and “Princes of Three Kingdoms.” He is now the Chairman of the National Language Deliberation Council of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The Ilseok Research Foundation was established in 2002 based on the will of “Ilseok” Lee Heeseung who devoted himself to studying of Korean linguistics, and the foundation has been giving annual awards of the Ilseok Korean Linguistics Award and the Ilseok Korean Linguistics Thesis Award.