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Title Prof. Song Tai-Kyong and Prof. Chang Jin-Ho Successfully Developed Sensational Technology to Detect Breast Carcinoma Metastasis
Writer sogpr Date 2017-05-17 Views 694

The joint research team led by Prof. Song Tai-Kyong and prof. Chang Jin-Ho from the Department of Electronic Engineering at Sogang University developed a world-first convergence imaging technology to innovatively improve the accuracy of sentinel lymph node biopsy guidance, which is used to detect breast carcinoma metastasis. Through preclinical testing, the effects and availability were technically proven for clinical usage. The outcome of the research was posted in the March 22nd issue of Scientific Reports, an affiliated journal of Nature (

If this equipment for convergence imaging diagnosis, which is being developed at this time, is commercialized, the limitations will be overcome for treatment and diagnosis using a single imaging device. For instance, preclinical testing has demonstrated that the precise identification of the sentinel lymph node (the primary lymph node that a cancer cell passes through in the case of metastasis) and the accuracy of biopsy guidance can be enhanced.

Prof. Song said, “Thanks to this technology, ultrasonic and photo-acoustic images are now available ahead of biopsy guidance, and doctors can reconfirm during the biopsy procedure whether the lymph node to be removed is the signal lymphatic gland or not, using the fluorescent images.” He added, “This enables fast and accurate biopsy procedures and a minimum incision on the part to be used for the biopsy. It is expected that more accurate decisions on carcinoma metastasis and biopsy procedures will minimize the side effects and complications that a patient must endure.”

It is also projected that the technology will be utilized for clinical applications in a variety of ways, such as through convergence image guidance surgeries aimed at enhancing the accuracy of cancer tumor removal.