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Title Sogang Univ. Student Kim Dong-min receives Korea’s 2016 Talent Award
Writer sogpr Date 2017-04-18 Views 1112

Kim Dong-min has been selected to receive Korea’s 2016 Talent Award. The Korea Talent Award is given to future-oriented, creative individuals who contribute to the advancement of the community. The award is intended to help recipients pursue their careers further so they can play key roles for the nation.


A major in Art & Technology at Sogang University, Kim has won more than 200 awards from film festivals for his short films, advertisements, documentary films, and other brilliant work. He was chosen as the recipient for the 2016 Talent Award owing to his outstanding performance.


In an interview, Kim Dong-min shared the vision behind his work as well as his dreams for the future. “Through my studies in Art & Technology, I learned how to overcome the limits of emotional expression by using technology. In other words, I gained the wisdom to move beyond the traditional limitations of emotion on the screen. This realization led me to create influential and significant work. Someday, I hope to establish a media creation center for the socially disadvantaged.”


Sogang University has successfully produced winners of the Korea Talent Award two years in a row. Last year, the award was given to Mun Hye-jin, another student in the Art & Technology Department.