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Title Prof. Wayne de Fremery’s Project Selected to Be Supported by Microsoft
Writer sogpr Date 2017-04-11 Views 760

The Mo文oN project of the Cambridge Institute for the Study of Korea (CISK), led by Prof. Wayne de Fremery of Sogang University, was selected to receive support from the “Cloud for Good” campaign by Microsoft (MS).


Prof. Fremery’s Mo文oN project aims to build, in collaboration with the National Assembly Library, a cloud-based shared platform that will enable researchers to study the voluminous works of antique documents along with modern and contemporary literature on the cloud database.


In September 2016, Microsoft launched the “Cloud for Good” program to support the technologies of cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for research centers and non-profit organizations. This was done in order to provide nine selected projects—including the Mo文oN project of Korea—with three years of free Azure Credit service (MS cloud service), with a maximum value of 60 million Korean won.