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Title Prof. Lee Gi Jin’s Team Developed Next Generation Memory Device for AI Computers
Writer sogpr Date 2017-04-07 Views 906

Prof. Lee Gi Jin’s Team Developed Next Generation Memory Device for AI Computers


The research team led by Prof. Lee Gi Jin (Physics Department) and Dr. Lee Han Ju succeeded in developing a technology for the simultaneous imaging of magnetic fields and temperature. This is the core technology for the development of magnetic memory devices with new concepts, and it is regarded as the next generation memory device for artificial intelligence (AI) computers. The research outcome was posted on March 2 on “Scientific Reports,” an affiliated journal of Nature.


Prof. Lee Gi Jin said, “The core technology crucial for developing the next generation memory for AI computers has now been developed,” elaborating on the research outcome. He added, “Based on this research, we have taken one step further toward the realization of developing memory for an AI computer that can independently evolve and adapt itself to an external environment.”


The research is supported by the Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER) program as part of the Science and Engineering Individual Basic Research Support Project of the Ministry of Education. The SGER program is aimed at supporting new ideas and high-risk research projects more prone to failure.


□ Title & Author(s) of Paper
- Title: Simultaneous imaging of magnetic field and temperature distributions by magneto optical indicator microscopy
- Information on the Author(s): Prof. Lee Gi Jin (corresponding author, Sogang University), Dr. Lee Han Ju (lead author), Researcher Jeon Seong Hun (participating author), Barry Friedman (participating author, Sam Houston State University)
- Posted on Scientific Reports on March 2, 2017


□ This technology serves as the basic technique for neural computer technology that imitates the structure of a human brain for an AI computer—in terms of hardware. This opens the window of possibility for the development of new materials for computer and memory devices embracing a whole new concept; a computer will be able to adapt itself to the external environment just as the neurons in human brains do, allowing it to learn and evolve independently.


□ The research was successful due to the use of the microwave CCD camera that Prof. Lee Gi Jin’s Team presented to Nature Communications, the world-renowned science journal, in December 2016.